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Making the most of the merest of sprinkling of snow to take my photos today. Perfect backdrop for my latest finished knitting project. Grey against the white seems to show these gloves off at their best. Although, I bet the hot chocolate takes the focus. It certainly kept my hands even warmer, during the photo shoot, and the contents soon disappeared. Brr! It sure was chilly out there.

But back to the gloves. It’s been eons since I last knitted gloves. Mittens are fast and furious to knit, and easy for young children to wear. So knitting mittens have been a natural course in the last few years. I have created basketfuls of mittens since becoming a mother. Seriously. Basketfuls.So why gloves now? Cold hands. Walking to school, last week, I had three choices: big, chunky gloves, fingerless gloves or nothing. None seemed to fit the bill exactly.

Back home, I dug out my Grandma’s glove pattern. I’ve used it before. Also, a couple of balls of wool picked up last year from a charity shop for 50p. ( I know, 50p!) The yarn is Sirdar Freya  – short and brushed winter cotton grey. Not a yarn mixture I’d normally choose. That’s true for the colour too.

Grey is not kind to my complexion, or the increasing grey in my hair. I like grey. I even like the grey in my hair, but combining too much grey, saps all the other colour out of me.

Gloves are a perfect solution. Not near my face – well not often. I’m incredibly glad I bought this wool in the end. I was surprised at how exceedingly warm it turned out. It is described as brushed, which does seem to trap the warmth, as it should. Being a cotton blend, it has less give than wool, when you’re knitting it, but wonderfully luxurious when finished.

The glove pattern was printed in 1975. I like using it. Next time, I might down size the needles when knitting the cuff, as it could be a bit more snug.

Grandma has added her notes to the pattern. Judging by her numbers, she counted every other row and used it a few times. There is something comforting about using a pattern that she would have knitted on a similar cold, winter evening too.Something new. I used a tip I picked up on Pinterest to prevent holes where the glove splits into fingers. I usually end up stitching closed resulting holes. For those of you that knit gloves and have the same issue, the answer is to cross over two stitches, as you split the glove. It fixes the problem very neatly.

I love my new gloves. They are lovely to wear. Warm without being too chunky. Not itchy, in the least. For the ladies’s size, it uses 60g of yarn. Three balls of 20g each, according to the instructions. I like the idea that you could walk into your local wool shop and buy a 20g ball with no problem or compromise. It makes sense. Multiples of 20. Less yarn left over, as you can buy nearer to the required quantity.

For these gloves, I started with 100g of yarn, I still have about 40g left of it. It might make a smaller pair. I know my boy hopes they do. He’d like a pair too. For the school run, of course. Can you imagine? If I manage it, I’ll have made two pairs of warm, luxurious gloves for 50p. Just goes to show that sometimes those odd balls of yarn in charity shops may be a better bargain than you thought.

If that’s not a good reason to learn to knit, then I really don’t know a better.

8 thoughts on “Handknitted gloves – thrifty

  • Saturday 14 January, 2017 at 7:36 am

    Lovely gloves ..I can see why the shared pattern adds to the satisfaction…continuity is very comforting at times.
    I like the hint on avoiding holes at the base of fingers ..small adjustments like that make such a difference don’t they. Thank you!

    • Monday 16 January, 2017 at 12:22 am

      Yes. It just takes a slight alteration and the hole is avoided. Seems an obvious way to solve the problem too. I’m sure I’ll apply it to other knitting.

    • Monday 16 January, 2017 at 12:23 am


  • Wednesday 18 January, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Wow really gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schoolign Sunday, great to see some knits amongst all the crochet!

    • Wednesday 18 January, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      Thanks Sara. I’m looking forward to catching up with some crocheting too, but too many knitting projects in the queue.

  • Thursday 19 January, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Wow! I’ve never wanted to knit gloves – too fiddle-y and not as warm as mittens – but maybe the real reason is I never had the right pattern! Those are beautiful and I love that you’re continuing your grandma’s tradition!

    • Thursday 19 January, 2017 at 3:28 pm

      The right pattern makes a huge difference. I’ve tried other glove patterns, but I keep coming back to this one as it works for me.

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