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  • Louisa We recently rehomed our piano because we are all very challenged musically. It is a skill I wish I had! I agree about breaking things... 14 Jan
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  • Ali Duke I like to break things down into smaller chunks too, makes it much easier doesn't it. #MMBC 14 Jan
  • Craft Mother I think you've hit the nail on the head. It is so much easier to keep the focus up. 14 Jan
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Lists -Word of the Week


My week has been consumed by lists. There have been the usual lists for shopping, places to be and to-do lists. The usual, run-of-the-mill sort of lists needed to make sure the week runs fairly smoothly for a family of five. I guess you could call these ones my lists.

There have been the getting ready for Christmas lists. Some are mine. Some are from others. Children shouting down from their rooms how to spell certain words, only to refuse to tell you why they need to know.

Then the all consuming packing lists and going away lists from my eldest daughter, as she prepares to set off. It’s a school trip. She’s away for a few days, but there is still so much that needs to be organized. We’ve reached that strange point in our parenting journey when I’m given lists, but I’m not so involved. She organizes and packs her own bags. Asking advice occasionally, but doing it by herself.

knitted-mistletoe-above-doorway(my knitted bunch of mistletoe is growing)

I run through lists of things I need to tell her before she goes. It is a strange place sometimes. Being the mother of a teen. I think of things to say and remind her. Wonder why I’ve not covered this before, in all the years she’s been part of my life.

Sometimes I have already, as it turns out.

I have her itinerary pinned up on the fridge. She sent me a text, early this morning, to say they are over the Channel, but many more hours left to travel. She’ll text again. Sigh. She’s growing up. It’s bitter/sweet, but I am so looking forward to hearing about her adventures.


So back to my lists. I wonder what we’ll do this weekend now our family of five will temporarily be a family of four. Maybe something spontaneous. No planning required.

(Fun) list of five things I’ve learnt

1. If your toddler has a vocab beyond their age and loves books, start saving now for all the overseas school trips they will be going on as a teen. Actually, just start saving. Seriously. Now.

2. They learn how to pack by watching you over the years. This can be a good or bad thing.

3. One item on the packing list will have to be abandoned as impossible to find. Let it go. (I know it will turn up today)

4. Buy a sharpie ready for the last moment when there is no more time left to label everything properly.

5. It happens all too soon. One moment they are building towers out of wooden blocks. The next, they are packing their bags and grabbing their passports.


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