“Oar-some” boat II – a viking long boat

dragon head viking ship model childs history projectA few years ago, Eldest made a viking long boat as part of her history homework. I blogged about it. Judging by the number of hits that post gets, I think this homework has been set by a lot of teachers around the UK. Half-term, it was middle daughter’s turn.

viking ship model childs history project

She was thrilled. She remembered watching her sister make the boat last time and wanted to join in.

I suggested she used the same template.

inside viking ship model childs history project

Recently, she has been practising wood effect. This project was perfect to extend this technique. She painted and A4 sheet as wood and cut out planks, to stick to the boat.

shields viking ship model childs history projectI love how she made each shield different. She added three little sacks and oars. To make it slightly different from her sister’s, the sail is white this time. (OK, I couldn’t find any red and white striped fabric in my stash this time!)

The sail has a ring at the bottom, so it can be raised and lowered. Her father helped her with this part.

front of viking ship model childs history projectShe is 10 and was able to do the whole project by herself, with just a little help with the sail. I printed out the instructions and she was happy to follow them by herself.

If you’ve found this post while researching your own boat making, good luck making yours. Have a look at Eldest’s boat as it has the link to the template.

I wonder if youngest will be making his own viking long boat, in a couple of years time?

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