More mini-beasts and fun in the garden.

This morning, when I opened my green house up, I found an early morning visitor. This is only the second Peacock butterfly I’ve seen this year. We have quite a few Brimstones. It stayed long enough for all the children to see it and butterfly books were on the kitchen table, by the time I went in again. I love their thirst for knowledge.

Very exciting, we have another variety of bee to add to our list. We found about thirty of these flying low over a slightly bare patch of earth in between our fruit trees. This time it was us grown-ups rushing in to do the research. It looks like they are Ashy Mining Bees. They are excellent pollinators and they only nest for about six weeks. Could we invite better guests to our orchard? As they are solitary bees, they are very unlikely to sting, so no extra measures required. I’m looking forward to observing these little bees.

So while I weeded and planted, there was …

…solo log see-sawing….

…and more….

….bubble blowing (not such a dangerous sport, so no cycle helmet required)…

… and a bit of sky walking. Here I can understand the helmet, seeing as you could bump into something. If you haven’t tried sky walking, it’s great fun. Basically you walk along, looking down into a flat mirror, which is reflecting everything above your head. Bit disorientating at first. I found these two wandering around the garden in absolute silent concentration.

(There was bike riding as well, but they are too fast for me to photo. I think AJ just forgets she is wearing her helmet when she’s not on the bike. She has assured me that she is not afraid of the sky falling down, although that could tie up with the sky walking……..)

2 thoughts on “More mini-beasts and fun in the garden.

  • Monday 12 April, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Those bees sound really interesting…I’ve never heard of them before

    Your garden is green …how lovely When the snow clears we’ll have to try the sky walking it looks fascinating :0)

    • Monday 12 April, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      The great thing about sky walking is you can do it almost anywhere. Even inside if you want, although I guess it would have to be renamed to something like ceiling walking.

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