It wouldn’t be May Bank Holiday without……

woven around maypole

It wouldn’t be May Bank Holiday without……┬áseeing a little maypole dancing.

holding hands around the maypole

And this is one of the best I have seen.

skipping at start of maypole

With live music of the best kind.

dancing round the maypole

Audience clapping along.dancing around the maypole 2

Keeping a tradition alive.weaving maypole

Accomplishing complicated weaving.maypole weaving

They seemed happy to be joining in.skipping around the maypole

birds and maypole

So there you are. We can all start planting now.

(I may have stolen a march on that aspect.)

wells town crier

Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah!

Hope you had a good May Day.

Did you do anything traditional this weekend?

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