Hens lay chocolate eggs.

Italian marble eggs

Years ago, I read in a local magazine about how hens will lay chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday if you feed them chocolate the night before. Well, it had to be tried. So that year, we dutifully slipped a bit of chocolate in their feed. The next morning we let them out and waited. It takes time. We had to be patient.

When we could wait no longer ,we took little AJ out, with BL in a baby sling and searched for eggs. There were no eggs in the nest box. Slightly downcast, we went back towards the house. Then suddenly AJ spotted something shiny in the grass. It was a chocolate egg wrapped in shiny pink paper. Well after that, we found them in flower pots, up trees, under hedges, among the daffodils.

Each year it has worked. Feed the hens chocolate and chocolate eggs are laid. When we fed it to our flock of bantams, they laid small chocolate eggs, but the larger fowl laid ordinary every day eggs. There is no point trying this any other time of the year, it doesn’t work.

Tonight, the children went out to shut the hens up and left a few chocolate drops for them. I think the children went to bed more excited than they do on Christmas Eve. Is that possible? They are concerned that the rain may stop the hens laying.  I have a feeling it will be fine.

Happy Easter to you all. I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Love it…keeping fingers crossed for you
    You must have very special hens you know, ours have obviously never heard of it…perhaps it’s me being too mean to share chocolate…lol

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