A stitch in time

I love crafting for the household. My day is not complete without picking up my knitting needles or opening my sewing box. I will admit to a few too many WIPs (I’ve even inherited other people’s), but on the whole I do finish the projects I start.

Where I really fall down is mending. I know how to darn. I can sew. Technically, I know what to do when faced with most tears. My problem is that I cannot build up any enthusiasm to get down to it, as it is so mundane. It is more fun to make something new. This is crazy as the children are growing out of clothes before I get round to fixing their favourite items. It would be difficult to calculate how much I have spent buying new clothes instead of mending their old clothes. All for the sake of a few stitches.

Not all my mending pile, but I need to start small.
Not all my mending pile, but I need to start small.

Well, that is going to change. I am going to set one evening aside each week to work through my ignored pile of clothes. I am nominating Tuesday night. I made a start last night. I am going to try and be creative rather than just doing invisible mends, so I will post anything that makes mending look fun.

I am hoping as my mending pile decreases, my conscience will lift and maybe, just maybe, I’ll tackle some of the WIPs that are gathering dust.

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