What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

worm in the apple

I defy anyone to spend time perusing Pinterest and not come away inspired. There are too many beautifully photographed pins not to be drawn in. By it’s very nature, only the most tantalizing pins are there. I think it is impossible to spend just five minutes looking. It is best to steer clear, unless you have an escape plan. Some people never make it back. I’m told.

Yesterday it lured me in. I found myself looking at all sorts of seasonal craft ideas. There are screens and screens of alluring pins and boards to look at. After a while, it turns into some kind of snow pin-blindness. By the end, there are a few more pin boards in my collection.

prepared apple

One pin added is a worm riddled apple. The original idea is to core the apple and add peanut butter into the hole. Jelly worms are placed to look like they are burrowing out. Love the idea.

Seeing as my children are not great fans of peanut butter ( I know. How?), I opted for chocolate spread. I also chose to run it through my apple corer, without the peeling mechanism in place. Result is a spiral sliced, cored apple.

topped apple

Before discarding the core, I cut off each end. Plugged the hole in the apple with one bit, filled with chocolate and used the other cut off piece of the core, to seal it up, as best I could.

dipping apple slice

Easy to break off a slice and dip it into the chocolate. It made an excellent after school snack.

No jelly worms in the local shop, so I settled for jelly tadpoles. I had no idea that they existed, but they make pretty good stand-ins.

Next time, I might fill the apple with hummus and use slivers of carrots for the worms.

Oh, almost forgot. The answer to what is worse than finding a worm in your apple isΒ  – half a worm. Although I think a tadpole has got to be a close second.


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  1. what a fun idea! pinterest wins again!!
    i think jelly tadpoles are funny! i’ve never seen them…. but then i don’t spend a lot of time shopping for jelly animals! πŸ™‚

    1. I can’t remember the last time I bought jelly sweets, so these are new to me too. Funny concept. Must be for Halloween, I guess. Still, they worked here!

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