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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

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AlphabetPhoto: F is for

cutting up fruit thrifty kitchen tip

Always something very satisfying when I can combine healthy with thrifty. I had slipped into the habit of buying pre-prepared fruit for the children. It made packed lunches easy in the morning. They love melon, pineapples and grapes, so buying a pack of these was quick and made life easy.

The down side is that these packs don’t last long.  Once packed lunches are sorted, I’d leave the rest of the container out for breakfast, as it would be past its best soon. The children love it and they eat lots of fruit, but buying fruit like this adds up.

cut up fruit for packed lunches

A couple of months ago, I altered my shopping list. Now I’m getting the whole fruit and cutting it up. I stagger the fruit cutting through the week to keep it fresh and store the cut up fruit in the fridge. The children can help themselves whenever they are hungry and they do!

This is saving me about £7 a week, plus we have more fruit. (I know, bizarre when you read it like that) Sounds simple and I wish every shopping change, I made, would save me £364 a year. (….just taking a moment to think what I would do with £364….) And still result in more. Plus it saves on packaging. Another step in my “becoming a greener me” project. I need to reassess my shopping buying habits more often. So easy to slip into lazy habits.

Linking up with Charley’s inspiring #AlphabetPhoto Linky. My F is for fruit. Lots and lots of lovely, yummy fruit.

Also linking to #ThriftyThursday linky over at Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies Pop on over and check out some more money saving ideas.

PS. Thought I would just add that I still love these pre-prepared fruit from the shops. Perfect snack choice when out and about. Just not for packed lunches when I can be more prepared.

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