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Eldest: 13 yo daughter

Middle: 11 yo daughter

Youngest: 9 yo son

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"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."

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9 year old son

11 year old daughter

13 year old daughter

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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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Who needs plant pots?

soil in squash“What are we going to plant in the squash?”


“Where are the seeds?”

“In the squash.”

“In the squash?”

“Yes in the squash. Look.”

planting unusual containers

Penny drops.

I bought 3 squashes last Halloween. I cut into one, with great difficulty. I baked it but it was very dry. So dry that I couldn’t serve it. I began to doubt whether it was a squash. The other two squashes, sat on the side, while I decided what to do.

potting up wellies

Today seemed the perfect day to use them. Not for baking but for growing. I cut off the tops, to expose the seeds. The children added soil on top of the seeds and watered. The idea is that the seeds will grow. We’ll see. We’ll also see if it produces any edible squashes. A proof of concept, I hope.

planting and football

Next up, a pair of old wellies. Using the points of the scissors, I made holes just above the soles. The children enjoyed filling them with soil. Then BL added a couple of verbenas that she has been nurturing in the greenhouse. While the others ran off and played football.

potting up a teapot

I brought out an old teapot from my rustic potting shed. (Second brood of robin chicks are doing well. Very cute with their fluffy black heads. Sometimes they open their mouths, hearing me and thinking a parent has returned)

BL added a stone to block the teapot spout. Just big enough to allow a trickle of water out and not leave it water logged.

hanging up the boots

Then my keen gardener, hung the wellies and the teapot up in our hawthorn tree.

hung up welly

Reminded me of a Christmas stocking, being hung up.

hanging up the teapot

It should do well there. If we’ve got it right, this verbena is a trailing variety. This corner needs a bit of colour.

squashes in raised bed

The squashes are now on a raised bed, next to my very much loved fennel plant. Good luck, little squashes.

eating a nasturtium flower

This little chap cannot resist asking me for a nasturtium flower every time he finds me in the greenhouse. They all love the peppery taste. Some flowers even make it into our salads.

damsel fly

Also in the garden, we found a damsel fly. Dragonflies will be along soon. *happy dance* On our walk home from school we found a cardinal beetle, a big fat larvae and a yellowish fly. BL and TF were so excited about their finds. Be still my beating heart. Mini entomologists in the making. Photos were taken, to help us identify them.

The children enjoyed using unusual containers to plant. I must keep my eye out for some more. Have you had success using a novel recycled container? I’d love to know.

Joining up with the inspirational Fiona over at Coombe Mill. Along with all the other fun #CountryKids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallJoining in with the inventive, frugal community over at #ThriftyThursday on #ThriftyThursday ColdTeaAndSmellyNappies. *waves*

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