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Debs Random Writings

knitted square project

Ta Da! Knitted Blanket complete!

“Ta Da”

I have finally finished my knitted patchwork blanket. I started this back in February last year, with only two purposes: discover new knitting stitches and use up some of my left over wool. Sixteen squares and 10 metres of border later, I’ve done it.

I have discovered some stitches that I absolutely will be using again. My yarn stash is thinned, although by no means depleted. Maybe if I had known what I would eventually make with all my test squares, I might have put more thought into the combination of colours. Instead I’ve ambled along happily and achieved a random patchwork, which is fun. More fun than I could have designed.

I’m really pleased about how the corners of the blanket worked out. It is neat and lies flat. Doubly pleased as I didn’t spend hours researching how to do it. I just did it.

Where better to enjoy the first strawberries from Cheddar. While I started to plant out the kitchen garden (14 leeks, 18 brussel sprout and 28 cabbage plants today), the rest of the family headed off for a walk and stopped at our favourite strawberry place just outside Cheddar.

TF thought the finished blanket was a good place to top up on just a few more gorgeous strawberries. He has always been my strawberry boy.

So pleased to finish this blanket project. What next? Not sure. See where the wind blows me.

Linking this to Mousy Brown’s Stash busting, because if this doesn’t count as stash busting then I’m a monkey’s uncle …..and none of my nieces and nephews want that to be true. Do you?

….she has a great give-away as well.

Sharing. Good idea.

Yarn Along – Almost a knitted blanket

Its Wednesday, so time to share this week’s reading and what’s on the knitting needles.

To start, I have finished my cardigan, except for the buttons. Once the buttons are made and I can borrow a willing model, then I’ll post up a photo. Also hoping for a bit of sun, to show the variation of the dark wool.

While I wait, I’ve picked up my knitted blanket project. I’ve started to knit the bands between the squares and sew the pieces together. It looks a bit straggly at the moment as I sew odd bits together, but I should have it finished by next week. It is coming together quite fast. Typical of me. I spend ages umming and ahhing, while the actual doing flies by. Its all in the planning or should I say procrastination.

I have been knitting the bands, three at a time. Each band is only ten stitches wide. By having three bands and thirty stitches on my needles at the same time, it cuts down the knitting time taken as I’m not turning so often. It is a fairly mindless knit which is brilliant for doing while I help the children with homework or listening to them read. I’m far more patient if I’m knitting.

Moving on to books. I’m still reading The Hive. I will be for some time. The history of humans and bees is fascinating. Just been reading about how we used to have a theory that baby bees came from dead oxen. Partly arose as the flight of the queen bee had not been observed. We used to believe that it was a king bee who ruled the hive rather than a queen bee. It seems laughable now, but stories from history always make me wonder what we totally believe in now that will seem unbelievable in another 1000 years. Maybe even in a few centuries.

Now for the children’s recommendations. Over the weekend, we were near Oxford, so popped into the Barefoot Books store. This is a real treat for the children, and we limited them to one book only. While the grown-ups drank coffee and tea, the children spent time choosing. AJ went for Stories from the Opera. She loves the pictures and the stories. It inspired some interesting play when we got home. Orchestrated by her and involving the other two. I love when a book inspires them. We’ve not taken her to an opera, but maybe this is the summer to do so.

BL chose the World Atlas, which she completely loves. She has been pouring over it at every opportunity. It ties up nicely with the work that they have been doing at school, connected to the Olympics this summer. TF fell for a book about Knights. He listens intently to the stories and points out details in the pictures. How my boy loves knights and their swords! I’m enjoying reading this to him. I love folk tales and each story told is from a different country.

Last night, just as I tucked him up in bed, he asked whether he could keep the book. So many of his reads recently have been from the library. When I told him that it was his, for as long as he wanted it, he hugged his new book to him.

If you are up for some more book and yarn chat, hop over to Ginny‘s for the Yarn along. I’ll be over later, once the children are tucked up in bed.

Sharing. Good idea.

Yarn Along

Something different and something slightly different for my Yarn-Along post this week. A title grabbed my eye while I was in the library picking up a pile of books for the children. It was in the fiction section and had Quilt in the title. Being on a tight time schedule, I swept it up as I passed the shelf and onto the booking out machine. (Does everyone have these machines now? Borrowing and returning automatically done by a scanning machine, with no need for a librarian.)

Not sure about this novel. I’m doing a lot of patching fabric and yarn at the moment, so the title sang to me. It is very light and easy to read, but in a style I don’t really enjoy. Hmm. I’ll give it a chance.

I’m back to the patchwork knitted blanket. I’ve started the border for my blanket. Still experimenting with my idea for joining the squares together. I’ll give more details once I know that it works. I finished the Easter chicks in time. I decided to leave the legs off, as I knew that these little birds would get plenty of play. They certainly have been played with.

So how about you? What are you knitting/crocheting and reading? How about joining in Ginny’s Yarn-Along. As ever, I’ll be checking out everyone else’s projects and books, once the children are tucked up in bed.

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Sharing. Good idea.


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