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english piecing patchwork

Dear Daughter: About running the wrong race

Dear Daughter

This quilt block (Contrary Wife) very nearly escaped being made. After the last block, I had enough patchwork pieces to make up your Dear Daughter quilt. Albeit, as a square, but a chance to finish the quilt. Hooray, I thought. Then I remembered a letter I wanted to include, which meant another block had to be made. Continue reading

My next hexagon quilt starts here

new hexi quilt

I have a bag of patchwork hexagons left over from my last quilt. I have umm-ed and ah-ed about how to use them. They are an assortment of about 12 different fabrics. Every now and again, I get them out, clear the kitchen table and make patterns with them. Each time, I put them away, no further forward.

stained glass light box 1

Last week, we went to Bishop’s Palace, Wells, where we saw the Created in Somerset exhibition. The children were particularly taken by the stained glass arranging activity over a light box. It must have captivated them for a good 15 minutes. Impressive, as there were plenty of interesting exhibits around them, also to see.

stained glass light box 2

I watched as they worked as a team. They tried a few different approaches. They discovered that they might have coloured tiles, but leaving gaps meant that they had white too. It was still limited, but enough to make interesting patterns.

As I watched, the penny dropped. I was trying to put all the fabrics in my hexagon quilt. I had some fabrics that really did not want to go together. That’s why it wasn’t working. I was trying too hard.

more hexisToday, I cleared the kitchen table, pulled out my bag of hexis and made a pattern. A simpler pattern. Turns out I needed to stop overdoing it and leave some gaps too. (A lesson in life. Who knew that designing a quilt, could reflect life so well.) It might mean I need to add a few more hexis, but that’s OK.

Needless to say, I’ve started sewing. I’ll need to crack on, as inspiration struck twice, while at the Bishop’s Palace. I suddenly figured out what to do with all my suffolk puffs too. So obvious, now I think of it. It should look amazing, but that will have to wait for another time.

Hex-Along Part 2

I am completely hooked on sewing hexagons since joining in with the Hex-Along going on at One Crafty Mama. Every idle moment has seen me making tiny little stitches. Joining one hexagon to another. It is such a brilliant project to pick up. Even when I only have a couple of minutes. This week, I estimate that I have attached over 160 hexagons.

This is a long neglected project (15 years). There is no documented design. I’m not sure there ever was a design, but I need one. I don’t have enough of some hexagons for the quilt that I wanted to make. So I have compromised. The quilt has shrunk slightly, but not much.

This week I have worked on the five big flowers. TF and I spent a happy hour on Sunday, working out how we could join these flowers up. This is definitely an activity TF loves. He’s my design buddy.

So this is the design we decided on. Apologies for the dull light, but Sunday was not the brightest of days. I reckon that I am about half way through.

I’m not sure how to do the edges. I quite like the jagged effect, so I’m in no hurry to add half hexagons to straighten them. At the moment, I think I’ll add a wide border all around it, using the backing fabric. It would also make the quilt that little bit bigger.

How do other people finish off the edges of a hexagon quilt?

In case you are wondering what has happened to the remaining hexagons. Yes, the ones that didn’t make it into the quilt design.  I certainly have enough for another quilt. I also have three children who have watched me stitching all week. They are inspired.

They want to make hexagon cushions. They want to sew them themselves.  Even TF, at the age of 3, fancies the idea of sewing. Hmm. I’m sure if he sits on my lap, he could manage a few stitches. Maybe I’ll help him with the rest. They have designed their cushions. If nothing else, between us all, a dent in my bag of hexagons has been made. I’m loving these hexagons.


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