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creative knitting

Snow covered lanterns

knitted multicolour Christmas lanterns with snow frontThis time of year, we usually take a trip around one of the local towns to see all the Christmas lights. Some properties use the lights sparingly to great effect. Others cram their front garden, and the walls of the house, with every kind of light display, and put on a really jolly show. Every one of them adding to the happy feeling of passer-bys.

knitted multicolour Christmas lanterns with snow closeWe have no road frontage. If we did put lights up, only the postman and the mikman would be likely to see them. Both visiting at times when lights wouldn’t be turned on, in any case. There is no point putting lights up. My parents used to have a string of lights along their drive which were lanterns. Different colour lanterns, that made a welcome sight. If I had a place to put them, that is the sort I’d go for.

knitted multicolour Christmas lanterns with snow with needlefelt barn owlIn the meantime, I couldn’t resist knitting up a few coloured lanterns of my own. I can’t remember if the original lanterns were ever covered in snow. Probably. Why not? I remember several years when the drive was snow covered. I’d like to make more lanterns and make a string, but at the moment I’m out of snow. The woolly kind.

I may not be able to add to the community lights, but can hang these lanterns for all our vistors to see. Day or night.

What do you think?

Big excuse to knit small

dog big knit hat innocent drinkMiniature knits are always fun. The joy of finishing a whole project in less than a couple of hours, cannot be underestimated. Especially when garments usually take weeks. No, a small knitted something, falling off the needles, is undoubtedly rewarding.animal big knit hats innocent drink

Also not to be underestimated, is the fun of seeing the children find my latest, new, miniature woolly creation. {squeal}blueberry Innocent drink mini hats group

So the Innocents Drink’s Big Knit project was just too much of a big excuse to knit small. Continue reading

A paper chain – except knitted

knitted paper chain on treeThe handmade gifts are made. All now delivered to their new homes. Time to sit back and enjoy the season, but, as always, my hands are never idle. A festive, stash-busting knitting project seems a perfect way to fill the gap between Christmas and New Year. A knitted paper chain has been my project of choice, whilst travelling around visiting relatives.

knitting by the fire There are two reactions to it, when people see it. Either they laugh or ask why. I like both reactions. Like its paper version, I think the fun is in the making. It looks good draped around a room, but its the process of making it that’s the key.

knitted paper chain above fireplaceThere are plenty of versions of knitted paper chains around. I choose to cast on 10 stitches using 4mm needles and start to knit until each link measures about 15cm. The links are threaded through the previous link and then stitched to make a new link. Nothing fancy. It’s turned into a great way to use up different weights of wool and blends. Everything goes.

I haven’t finished yet. I’ll probably only stop on twelfth night. The chain will be packed away and I’ll enjoy unpacking it next year, when I’m sure I will have almost forgotten it. In the meantime, it’s a nice bit of nonsense after the hustle and bustle.

A couple of patchwork projects to share, next time.

Happy New Year to you all.


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