Knitting on the telephone

Does anyone else knit when they are chatting on the telephone? I have to admit, it doesn’t happen often. There are some conversations that don’t last long enough, such as “Please come and pick up your child, she is turning green. ” and “Your order has come in…”

No, the best conversations for knitting contain phrases such as “So, what have you been up to?” and “How long is it since I last spoke to you?” It is possible to balance the phone and complete a few rows, or whole jumpers, while talking to some friends.

Simple knitting is the best. Friends tend to object if you start counting stitches while they tell you about their latest adventure. So I pick knitting which is straightforward and leave it by the telephone.

Recently, I’ve not had many long conversations, so the piece of knitting has been sitting there for a while. Action was required. We went to see relations today, who live a good car journey away. I decided, for the first time, to do my knitting in the car. This particular washcloth only needed a few rows and now it is finished and off the telephone table.

Also finished the handles for my bag and just have the bottom to do. In the instructions, it does say that the bag looks like a vest before the bottom is completed. All the children had to try it on at this stage. We decided that it would be too low cut for modesty. Anyway, I am determined to finish the bag tonight.

Incidentally, we saw frog spawn and newts in our relations’ pond today. The newts have only just arrived, so I suspect there will be less little frogs from the pond this year. Children crouched by the pond, spotting the pond life with the sort of total concentration that makes you almost wonder if they are remembering to breathe.

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