It could only be a beach bag

vintage beach robe

A while back, my mother handed me a pile of vintage fabric including an almost finished beach robe. I don’t know who started making it or why it had not been finished. I suspect it dates back to when my big sisters were little. Maybe they outgrew it.

The fabric is a vibrant green towelling and the shell print is just perfect. It screams beach holiday. I don’t think it has seen any sun, so the colours are as fresh as the day the fabric left the shop. Just looking at it, I’m instantly transported back to a 1950/60s beach scene.

filled upcycled beach bag

I checked to see if any of my children wanted to wear it as beach robe. No. I was free to make whatever I liked and that could only be a beach bag. I kept the existing pocket and recycled the shoulder straps from an old bag. I had a length of school dress fabric left. Too small for a dress, but just perfect for lining the bag.

beach bag button

The pocket gaped slightly. Digging around in my supplies, I found fabric and a button to cover. The raw edges of the loop are hidden under a tab made from the same fabric. This is going to be a handy pocket. It is the perfect size to pop sun tan lotion and a pair of sun glasses. Maybe more.

empty upcycled beach bag

To secure the top of the bag, I opted for drawstring, with a toggle. I reckon I should be able to fit a couple of towels, swimming costumes and a book comfortably in the bag.

filled recycled beach bag

I’m really pleased with the bag. For me, it ticks so many boxes for the perfect beach bag. Big, colourful, comfortable and unique.

All I need now is a beach to take it to.


2 thoughts on “It could only be a beach bag

  • Wednesday 10 July, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    what a perfect upcycle job!
    it’s an absolute perfect beach bag!
    my grandparents had one of those towel-coverups at their lake home when i was growing up, we cousins always fought over who got to wear it 🙂 i’d forgotten all about that until now… thanks for the memory!

    • Thursday 11 July, 2013 at 9:50 am

      I loved it as a beach robe, but alas too small for the children. This way I can enjoy the colours and shells for a lot longer. Glad it triggered a memory.

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