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One small creative step forward

hexi 118 in bag

Seeing as I’ve reached the 30% mark with my hexi-puffs, I thought they were due a mention. I’ve got them down to a fine art now. They are my on-the-go project, which I take everywhere.

hexi puffs 118

I love the bright colours. A definite plus when outside is overcast and drizzly. This project is stepping forward.

patchwork preparations

Next project is taking more faltering steps. After my success with the three first blocks, I have realised my mistake. Oh, the curse of precision!

I’m making a The Farmer’s Wife quilt. If you’ve not flicked open the pages of a copy of this book, then I recommend at least a quick glimpse. If you love quilts and vintage issues, especially country life, then this book is worth a look. It contains letters written in 1922, from US farmer’s wives (thus the title) taking part in a competition. Basically their views about whether their daughter’s should marry a farmer. It is a lovely snapshot of the time. I suspect, if the competition was re-run now, the question would be so very different!

more patchwork blocks

Arranged among the letters are 6″ quilt blocks for the reader to make. Just perfect for my cutting-fabric-out-precisely project. The book helpfully includes a CD with the templates. So far, so good. I choose my first three blocks and they worked perfectly. On the strength of this success, I dived right in and printed out half the pieces I needed. So far so good.

Actually, no it wasn’t. The next blocks just didn’t meet up properly. Hmph! After a bit of measuring and investigations, it turned out that I had printed the templates out too big. All of them. I was now making 7″ blocks. With a bit of fiddling I could still make them, just slightly bigger. I can do this, but it has made this project more challenging than I intended. Not a good sub-title for a partly made quilt. If I lose my momentum, it could end up as a UFO. One step back.


One step forward. The girls planted bulbs. Some to enter for a competition this weekend. After six years of failing to put the given bulbs in the earth, our household have finally managed to have flowers to enter this event. Yeh. A definite step forward. We don’t mind if we win or lose, it will be an achievement to have taken part!

10 Responses to One small creative step forward

  • Briony says:

    I don’t know if I got it wrong but I found making these little hexy’s very tricky, is this so or am thick ?
    it seemed so fiddly with the needles so close together.
    I knit socks on 4 needles with no trouble.

    • Cheryl says:

      After seeing the pieces that you produce and knowing how clever you are at making things, I can assure you are not missing the point. The hexies are fiddly. Not enough stitches on each needle to be truely comfortable to knit like a sock. I tend to bunch up the stitches and angle my needles in a way that gives me more room. So satisfying when another hexie slides off the needles.

  • Corrie B says:

    Wow, I love those beautiful hexipuffs! I hate having projects go slightly sideways, it ruins all your good plans! I hope you manage to keep going, it will be so satisfying when you’re done.
    Corrie B recently posted..Mid-March Milestones (and an FO)My Profile

    • Cheryl says:

      I think I’ve mastered the different measurements now. Each patchwork block is quick to make. So much to do at the moment, that I feel slighty guilty spending time on this project. I’m just grabbing time to cut a few more out.

  • Val says:

    Love the Puffs ! looking forward to see how they come together..I’m most intrigued :0)
    Sympathy for the quilt pattern template awkwardness… most annoying I bet.
    The farmers wife letters sound fascinating…
    The flower picture is lovely and most cheerful..we have been growing mustard and cress but are now desperate for colour :0)
    Val recently posted..Art at the MuseumMy Profile

    • Cheryl says:

      I think you would love the farmers wife letters. It really is a glimpse into times gone by, straight from the horse’s mouth – so to speak!

      We are sadly lacking colour in the garden. Daffodils are just budding up. Primroses and pulmonaria are in bloom, but my girl’s bulb collection is beautiful in the house.

  • melissa says:

    oh those hexipuffs look so fun – my cat would love to batt them allover the house! 🙂

    and ooooh a farmer’s wife quilt!! i look forward to following your blocks!
    i have a wonderful friend who made one, her top is done, but not the quilting:


    it’s such a cool idea, and i love all the different interpretations of each block!
    melissa recently posted..lily’s joined the ranks of the knitting obsessed!My Profile

    • Cheryl says:

      Good job I haven’t got a cat. The children have far too much fun throwing all the hexies up in the air at the same time and enjoying the hexie shower. I’m sure I’ve lost some!

      I spent some time looking around the net for other farmers wife quilts and the variety is fabulous. Same pattern, but all unique.

  • thanks for checking out my blog and for commenting. your blogger account is set to “no reply”, so i had to reply here. i hope that is okay.
    good luck with your FW templates and blocks. sooooo many people on the flickr group had trouble with printing their templates, though i haven’t heard of many printing them too big.
    quirkygranolagirl recently posted..Getting closerMy Profile

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