Flowers and crafting

Today, while I was hanging up the washing, the girls got excited and started shouting and calling me. Fearing a disaster, I dropped my washing and ran round to see what had happened. I won’t tell you what images were going through my mind, but it was not pretty and I was working out the logistics of getting us all to the hospital.

Look, Mummy, we found a daisy
Look, Mummy, we found a daisy

They sat me down and gave me a pretend cup of tea and a slice of wooden cheese. I know one daisy doesn’t make spring, but it was still nice to see.


Each year my scraggy old ornamental quince produces flowers. I’m sure it would do better if I trimmed it back. I keep meaning to find out the right time of year to prune it.

On my to-do list today, was to start moving my craft supplies into my new cupboards. Up to now, they have been stored in different cupboards all round the house. I’m taking this time to sort it all out and, eek, thin out some of it. I think I’d better keep clear of craft shops for a while and use up some of my stash. I knew I had a lot, but when you see it all together…..hmn… I don’t need to buy anymore. Also I don’t need to take up any fresh crafting hobbies.

old patterns

Going through one cupboard I found a bundle of old magazine cuttings that my Grandma must have collected. It was fun looking through them and there are a couple I can imagine making.

old emb pieces

Also came across a cushion cover and a table cloth that my other Grandma or Great Grandmother must have made and not finished. They have been folded up and packed away, so the colours have not faded.

Needs careful ironing!
Needs careful ironing!

The stitches look so fresh that they could have finished this only yesterday. All the cushion cover needs, apart from an iron, are fastenings and a cushion pad. In reality, I haven’t got time to finish the table cloth, so I will store it away with a note explaining who made it. Its a shame there is no tradition adding a name to a piece of embroidery in the same way that they do in quilting. I might finish it one day.

I feel tired tonight. I think being ruthless with my stash has been hard on my natural squirrel nature. I’ll just go and flick through that Cath Kidson catalogue before I put it in the recycling bin……

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