If we can, you can

As part of our parenting philosophy, we love to encourage the children to use their imaginations and be creative. We like them to expand their knowledge and explore ideas. It never fails to bring  a warm feeling to my heart when one of them starts a sentence with “Mummy, did you know…” and continues with a new fact they learnt.

I am also aware that they learn a lot from us. How we approach learning and new situations. As part of this I have always tried to sit down with them and join in their creative activities. I sew when they sew, I make models when they make models and I paint along side them. I give all their creations some display time in our shared family rooms.

watercolour AJ

Now I am fairly crafty, but I would not call myself artistic. When I was 13 and making my options at school, I dropped Art for more academic subjects. I felt the teacher was only suggesting I continued as I could be trusted not to mess around. As I ploughed through 20th century history, the Art lot looked like they were having a cool time.

As a result of little art experience, at some of our creative sessions, I have no idea what I am doing! It’s new to me as well as them and they know it.

watercolour BL

So we plough away and create. I’m sure if you know how to paint with watercolour, you’re probably despairing at our efforts. Believe me I’m willing to learn. Any recommendations on books or website references, you have found useful, on this subject, are gladly received. For me, I guess the exercise is partly to show the children how I’m not put off  giving something outside my comfort zone a go.

When I was putting up their paintings on display, AJ asked why I never put up my pieces of work. Eek, its true. What is this telling them. I love their work, but I don’t value my own. Ok, so (deep breath) here is my contribution. Like I said, I have no idea what I am doing…

watercolour CL

….but I am having fun!

I hope that this might inspire someone else to give something new a go. Let me know, so I don’t feel alone.

2 thoughts on “If we can, you can

  • Friday 5 March, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    They ALL look lovely :o)

    • Friday 5 March, 2010 at 5:23 pm

      Thank you, Val. We all had fun painting them. It was a lovely way to fill some extra time we had.

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