Two signs that Spring is close

Every year, I spot the bulbs pushing through and I hear the change in the bird song, but I never notice the hazel catkins. My husband is the one who points it out, but is slower to notice the snowdrops. I think it may be to do with height. He is tall and I’m, well….. medium height.  In any case, they have been with us for about a week now. I’m glad they appear early as I think they would be lost among the more showy plants.

The other sign of spring is the increasing number of consecutive days I can put more than one load of washing out and it dries. It really does dry. It has been four days of great drying time and I’ve not had the dryer on once. Sounds mundane, but it is true. I love seeing washing out on the line.

However it also means I have had to face up to my peg bag problem.  Oh, yes I have a problem. I have an old peg bag which I inherited from my Grandmother. Over the years, the bag has become tatty and grown holes, which, I’m embarressed to say, I have pegged up and chosen to ignore. The back of it is even worse. (Apologies to any one with a nervous disposition. This  bag has seen better days)

old peg bag

Even Gwinny in the background cannot bear to look at it.

So I needed a new one. After much thought, I decided on an apron version instead of my usual clothes hanger style. Two main reasons. First, as I move along the line pegging up, with an apron, I won’t need to keep going back  for the pegs. Secondly, I am tempted to leave the bag out with the washing. Last year, as I reached in for a peg,  I was stung by a wasp which had got in through one of the many holes, when I left the bag out. Yow!

peg apron

The apron is practical and is in keeping with the Spring theme. While I was making it, TF, asked if I was making it for him, so I explained that it was for me to carry the pegs. He instantly decided that it was my toolbelt and rushed off to find his belt. I feel this conversation is going to be revisited lots in the next few days. He may be disappointed that I only use pegs and not fun hammers or spanners like Daddy.

And just to balance the sight of my disgraceful, old peg bag here is a soothing image of bread I made today. Is that better now?

bread and rolls

2 thoughts on “Two signs that Spring is close

  • Friday 5 March, 2010 at 10:21 am

    How special having your grandma’s peg bag, but I had to giggle when you said that even the dog can’t stand to look at it – what a perfect photo for that line. Your new one is gorgeous by the way and how yum does your bread look (I think I can smell it from here).
    Thankyou very much for your lovely comment too, that’s so nice of you to say,

    • Friday 5 March, 2010 at 11:16 am

      I tried out my new peg apron today. Its not very flattering as the pegs make it bulky, but it is perfect for the job. I have a feeling that I won’t make the mistake of leaving it on when I pick up the children!

      I do love your blog. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and I’m sure to others too. That is an approach that is worth its weight in gold, or maybe sunshine.

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