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Connecting – my word of the week

A sign of modern life. Driving through the village, spotting a hunched figure disappearing into the gaping doors of the green box and the feeling of foreboding hits you. Oh no. Surely not again.

I’m sure these boxes are dotted around the country. As familiar a sight as the old red telephone boxes, but less photogenic. Whereas most of the red boxes have now been turned into informal community libraries, the green boxes soldier on. Providing the intended service.

They remind me of the half sized cupboards that hymn books were stored in at school, except these ones are painted green and made of metal. Instead of books, the two doors open up to display a nest of squirming cables, wrapping around each other. Providing phone and internet service to the surrounding community. Connecting us to the outside world.

A hunched figure means that something has gone wrong.

It’s been half term this week. A week to relax, catch up and breathe. When the children were younger, this week was earmarked for science. I’d find and set up various science orientated experiments and we would explore different theories. Now they are older, they want to do their own thing.

The boy has been out on his bike, seeing his friends in the village. Even the rain and wind has not seen them scuttering home. It’s his chance to catch up with pals that go to a different school to him. To balance the picture, he also spends too much time on his computer, playing and chatting to them.

Middle teen has been out with her friends too. Catching the bus into the city to see them. She’s also made a cushion cover and spent oodles of time drawing. I used to say that she couldn’t walk without cartwheeling. Now I think she can’t breathe without sketching.

Eldest teen is focused on her exams. Not that she isn’t relaxing too, but the pressure is mounting.

We’ve also had a trip to see grandparents, and shopping trips too. I finished my latest hand embroidery (first photo). The week has disappeared faster than the mouse that lives in the wall by our back door. The wind and the rain put a damper on the fun outings I thought we’d make, but no bad thing. They needed to relax and catch up.

As for the hunched figure in the green box, patching the cables, yes, we did lose our internet connection. On and off. Finally for 24 hours. Coupled with a challenging mobile connection in the normal way, it reminded me how much we have learnt to rely on this connection for every day life. Not just the fun part, but functional too. No wonder my heart drops when I see the green doors open.

Joining in with Anne’s Word of the week. My word in connecting.


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14 Responses to Connecting – my word of the week

  • Anne says:

    oh those boxes! Our one actually has a notice on my connection telling them not to disconnect for any reason as I am a disabled person in need of my internet and phone. Hey, being a cripple does have some advantages. We’ve not lost our internet for any length of time since. I adore your sewing, it really is beautiful. I have to admit, I’ve not got much further along with mine. But I’ve been reading actual books rather than audio books which means I can’t do two things at once. Im glad you’ve had a good half term, despite the Internet issues. x

  • Karen Blower says:

    Ahh the internet.. love it or loath it we can’t do without it these days. Even the most simple of tasks need to be done online. Glad it got sorted. Sounds like a nice half term despite the weather

  • Laurie says:

    As an American, I am not familiar with the green boxes. Nothing similar here in the US. Good for you for setting aside the half term for science experiments. I am a former science teacher and cannot think of a better use of vacation time! 🙂

    • Craft Mother says:

      I do miss doing the experiments. Planning to do a physics experiment over Easter break with my youngest who still loves home science.

  • Carol says:

    At the beginning of the post I was wondering what the green box was. Glad you explained it. It sounds better than the concrete flat square in the front corner of my front yard which provides cable to 4 houses for 1 of the 3 companies in our area. I don’t even use that company but my yard’s box in the ground is the key for my neighbors. Glad it’s flat. #MMBC

  • Laura says:

    I love everything about your bicycle!!

  • Kim Carberry says:

    Ahh! We have had plenty of me in the green box near us over the last few weeks. We have had problems with our broadband but they seem to have fixed what ever the issue is now!
    I have found the same during the half term, my two have been doing more of their own thing and less fun things with me. When my two aren’t with their friends they’re chatting to them online. lol
    It sounds like a good half term x

  • I hope they have sorted the internet issues out. It is a pain especially if you rely on it for work.
    It sounds like you have all enjoyed the half-term despite the bad vibes from the green box!
    I do love your embroidery, but then again, I love all of your crafts 🙂 x

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