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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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  • Susan Mann I've never been there but it looks amazing. What beautiful photos and a lovely way to catch up with family xx #wotw 25 Jun
  • Angela Webster Wow, you really did pack a lot into your week. The Lakes are so beautiful, we only live an hour or so's drive away but... 25 Jun
  • Natasha Mairs Isn't amazing, that even though we visit or see the same thing a lot, we can still find new things that we didn't see before... 25 Jun
  • Sarah Christie Blimey 126...... We have about 10 and that seems a lot! I bet looking at UNIs is so daunting? Jack will be staying at home... 24 Jun
  • Sarah-Marie It looks like such an incredibly peaceful place to visit. I love a place with intriguing history too. #MMBC 24 Jun
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Small – word of the week

I’m a great believer in breaking tasks down into smaller bites. I’m far too easily put off when presented with a big project. Breaking it down and thinking of it as individual projects is the only way forward for me. This week I’ve had time to tackle some of the mini projects.


Started off going through my bookshelves and getting rid of a few books. I managed three carrier bags. These, along with three clothes bags, were taken, the same day, down to the charity shop. No chance to change my mind.

I’ll need to do this several times. I’m hoping to clear a bookcase to make room for a piano. Middle teen passed her piano exam and is keen to move on to the next one. With a combination of wanting to encourage her and also aware that our keyboard is not quite enough, a piano is in our near future. Also a new piano teacher, as her last one stopped providing after school teaching. See. It is a bigger project. One bite at a time, otherwise I’ll crumble.

Also tackled a finance project I needed to sort out. Pleasantly surprised how it shattered into much smaller projects. To think that the magnitude of it all had been putting me off!


I’ve had my crochet hook out this week. Not only did I make a small alternative to the cotton wool pads for skincare we’ve been using (another small step to zero waste), but I started a new blanket. This one will eventually be big. Very big. The small start of it is in the top photo. It is a little bit bigger already. It’s going to be my go-to project for travelling and waiting in the car, this year. It will grow. I do a lot of waiting.

I also have a knitting project in the mix. The yarn has just arrived today, so nothing to show yet. One of the very few purchases I made in the January sales.


Back to school this week. The younger two have been back five days now. Eldest has had exams, which means study leave at home for part of the week. As a treat, after her last exam, we popped into Wells for lunch and a trawl through the bookshops. I do realise the irony. Here I am emptying bookcases. Next moment, I indulge in buying a book. What can I say? I like to read and it was 40 plus books out and only one book in.

Anyway, I picked up a copy of Kindred and am now on the look out for her Lilith series. (*affiliated link)

We also managed to find school trousers for Middle teen that we could agree on, in Next. This may seem like a minor problem, but quite honestly I think this is my biggest triumph of the week. It has been on ongoing saga. She now has two pairs that fit her, that she likes and pass the school criteria.

Hero also hit a milestone this week. He turned one.

He loved his presents. I’ve always said that our dogs could never have soft toys, as they wouldn’t differentiate between the children’s toys and theirs. I couldn’t bear (pun intended) the children’s reaction if one of their precious toys was ripped to pieces. I changed my mind. Hero was stopped trying to wrestle slippers off feet and picking up bears, in favour of his new squeaky toys.

That has been my week. I’m ready to start the weekend, once the two younger ones get home and the supermarket delivery arrives.

Joining up with Anne’s word of the week. My word is small. Lots and lots of small things.


Raisie Bay – Word of the Week


22 Responses to Small – word of the week

  • Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like you have been busy.
    A piano sounds like a lovely addition to your home.
    Those alternative to cotton wool pads are brilliant. What a wonderful idea.
    I hope the exams went well for your eldest. My teen has had an exam today too. She said it went OK. It was harder than she expected

    • Craft Mother says:

      Funny how it hasn’t felt busy. Maybe cutting smaller chunks helped there too. Good to hear your teen felt the exam was OK. Good experience for the main exams in the summer. Fingers crossed for her.

  • Helena says:

    I agree that having smaller bite size challenges leading to the bigger picture is the way to go. #mmbc

  • That’s a really good idea, breaking tasks down into smaller chunks. I need to try this as I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed lately. I find it so hard to part with books so you’ve done really well, there is always room for another one though ! I bet it will be lovely to have a piano in the house, I love listening to people play. Hope you have a lovely weekend x #wotw

    • Craft Mother says:

      It is overwhelming looking at all that has to be done. Usually easy to break down into smaller projects and get a few parts checked off. I’m the same with books. We have a lot of bookcases, so one less is no bad thing. There are books I’ll never read again. Hardest are the favourite children’s ones that they let go of, but I’ve collected. I am being ruthless. Or at least I’m trying to!

  • Karen says:

    One job at a time I always say and if that means lots of small jobs that’s okay too. It’s not so imposing then

  • Breaking things up into small chunks is the only way I survive. Even my favourite crochet projects are CALs which can be done piece by piece. I love that Hero had a good birthday 🙂 And I truly appreciate the school trouser situation, My eldest has two pairs which fit and comply and they are both ladies trousers as the school wear just doesn’t fit properly, or she is not happy with.
    Thanks for joining in with #wotw and I’m sorry being so late commenting, I was struck by a migraine x

    • Craft Mother says:

      What a good idea to do CALs. Far less daunting. Oh school trousers. She no longer fits in clothes from the Kids sections of shops either. It’s ladies for her too. Hope your migraine is better. They are complete stinkers!

  • I can’t believe Hero it one he is huge. I totally get you on the school trouser saga, we have the same thing Joe wants them super skinny but school say no! lots of kids wear them so he thinks I should let him too arghh! Omg I would love a piano, I cant play but just think they are things of beauty x

    • Craft Mother says:

      Hero won’t grow much more. Fill out a bit and become a tad fluffier. Yes. My lot want the super skinny, but the school doesn’t like them. Doesn’t help that the shops don’t have much choice for tall and slender children. The waist is always too big, if the length is right. I need to keep focusing on the idea of a piano, otherwise I won’t clear the space. I love hearing the children play.

  • Breaking things down into small chunks does make them so much more manageable. It sounds like you had a good clear out with the bookcase – good luck with making room for a piano and finding a new piano teacher. Hope that Eldest’s exams went well and happy birthday to Hero 🙂 #WotW

    • Craft Mother says:

      Yes, must knuckle down and find a new piano teacher. It would be lovely to get the children going on lessons again. Eldest’s exam results are starting to come in and I’m truly proud of her progress.

  • Carol says:

    I love breaking down a job into small steps. Keeps me focused. Adore your new crocheted pads for skincare. Brilliant! #MMBC

  • Ali Duke says:

    I like to break things down into smaller chunks too, makes it much easier doesn’t it.

  • Louisa says:

    We recently rehomed our piano because we are all very challenged musically. It is a skill I wish I had! I agree about breaking things down into smaller chunks, it makes tasks seem much more manageable.
    We visited Wells in the summer and I bought some books from the charity shops there, it is a beautiful little town. I would like to return and visit the cathedral.
    Happy birthday Hero! Doesn’t time fly?

  • I love the idea of breaking down work into chunks. I really need to do this as I easily feel overwhelmed. It sounds like you have had a busy but good start to the year #WotW

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