Make a second Small Change

Earlier this month, as my January Small Change, I started using homemade baby wipes again. These have worked out so well. The scent of the wet wipes alone make this small change worth doing, as far as I am concerned. Let’s face it, nappy changing needs all the help it can get.

My February Small Change carries on, in a way, with the theme. One of the other green measures, that I dropped a while back, was using soap pods for washing clothes. I remember researching this one for ages before taking the plunge last time, because I couldn’t believe it would work. There were no persuasive TV adverts guaranteeing clean clothes. Also, I didn’t know anyone who used soap pods.

I sent off for a sample and, when they arrived, I did my first few washing loads with just six pods. It seemed to work. OK, no reassuring washing powder smell and the heavier stains did not shift. I used laundry bleach on stains, added tea tree essential oil in the conditioner drawer and Bob’s your Uncle. What’s more, after four or five washes, I could compost the soap pods. I was never confident enough to use it when washing the nappies.

Still cannot remember why I stopped using them, but today, I dug out my bag of soap pods and used them again. So far so good.

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