Where two gutters met, a pair of sparrows have begun to make their home, under the roof tiles. They care little that neighbours fought the urge to match their pipes by colour. So overated. The feathered pair appreciate the grass allowed to grow. The roots deep in the debris that’s built up in the mismatch of levels between the two properties. It provides a privacy screen. A natural feature, in estate agent’s vocab, I’m sure. How lucky they are to find such a “des res”, they almost chirp.

As I sipped my first fennel tea of the year, I watched the pair. I fear, the relationship is doomed. If this pair were characters depicted in a romantic novel, the male’s love would be unrequited and she would disappear before the final chapter. A better offer elsewhere.

He is so busy building. The female is unconvinced and upright. I’ve seen this before. There is no chemistry. They are done. He just doesn’t know it yet. The page is yet to turn.

This week has been a series of done events. Some good. Some with silver linings attached.

To start with, I finally sent off a completed form that had been hanging around for too long. The sort with hoops and explanation notes that take up more paper than the actual form. I’ve hit the deadline. As I left the second Post Office (first one mysteriously closed), I positively bounced out, without the weight of the form’s reponsibility on my shoulders. It feels good to have it done.

My laptop broke this week. It lay down and pleaded to be allowed to rest in peace, at last. The advantage with both of us working in IT and being engineers, is that if a machine has a wobble, out comes the screwdriver and the innards are exposed for a diagnosis. A fix is found. Maybe soldering iron is involved, but it is generally fixed. It then goes on to limp on longer than any machine was designed to do. Keyboard and screen compromised. User putting up with its erratic behaviour.

This time it was done. There is enough life left for me to move data across to my new one easily. I’m going to miss the random pink, shimmering spots on the screen and the interesting spellings, but looking forward to working faster.

Robins have been nesting on our covered bench. It was not a great place. Too low down. My fault. I left the cushions out over the winter. Forever hopeful of one last elevenses before the winter. This spring the robins stole their advantage and nested behind the cushions, putting the seat out of bounds. I’ve been watching them. Waiting for them to fledge. Today the youngsters did, and I jumped in to remove the cushions. Just in case, they start a second brood. I’ll be able to enjoy my elevenses again, once I’ve cleaned it up.

We’ve been ploughing through our list of experiences for the Pup. Last weekend we took him down to the shooting ground. He was unphased by the noise and made friends with a couple of spaniels. He spectated his second Park Run and took it all in his stride. (Different location, I should probably add.) This week he also visited a new friend. Behaved impeccably and they are the best of pals. Hopefully there will be play dates in the future.

It does feel good to be going into the new week with less brought forward. There is always something else to tackle, waiting in the wings, but who knows. I may be building up momentum. As the male sparrow flies away to pursue other hopes, I wil be powering onwards to cross a few more things off my list.¬† I have my sights on the greenhouse. I’ve started¬† to clear it. A gnat’s whisker away from being done too.

Joining in with #wotw again. What’s everyone else been up to?



5 thoughts on “Done

  • Saturday 5 May, 2018 at 7:19 am

    It must feel good to get that form sent out, a weight off your mind. And the Pup seems to be doing well adjusting to lots of new experiences. Best of luck with your building momentum, make the most of it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  • Saturday 5 May, 2018 at 11:38 am

    It feels good to get things done doesn’t it, it’s the perfect word for your week. You are right though there is always something else that needs doing. Have a great weekend x #wotw

  • Sunday 6 May, 2018 at 8:36 am

    Getting things done & dusted, and off your mind, is a great feeling… But there is definitely always something to be done. I really like all the nature photos you’ve shared in this post. #WotW

  • Monday 7 May, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    I always feels good to tick of a box and get a form out of the way doesnt it? I bet you have been dying for the Robins to hatch to not only see them but reclaim your chair. I would be lost if my lap top gave up although I do need an upgrade to a fester model that can cope better with vlogs x

  • Friday 11 May, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Phew to getting that form done, I’ve filled in many like that and they are not fun. I love your observations on the nesting sparrows, what a story, I hope the male doesn’t get his heart broken. And as for broken things, it’s always bitter sweet when you lose something like a laptop, it’s so nice to get a shiny new one but the old one has served you well and is overflowing with your files that you swear you won’t be able to live without but are soon forgotten.

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