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My week – grow

I don’t think I will ever grow bored of seeing my children snap open a peapod and count the peas, before popping the contents into their mouths. All straight from the garden.

Parenting job number 146 complete.

I can almost see the children grow that little bit more.

We’ve been talking a lot about nutrition this week. Recently, I’ve moved us away from snacks that come in little plastic bags and see-through boxes. Unless they’re healthy. More towards homemade or homegrown, again.

It feels like I revisit this on a regular basis. I’ll get us to the point of eating well and then, something happens, and I’m back buying convenience food again.

Anyway, this time it has not altogether been greeted with unanimous enthusiasm. Crisps seem to be the most contentious topic, but I know I’m doing it right. Meal dishes are cleared. Snack bowls of tomatoes and grapes devoured on a daily basis. Fruit muffins disappear as soon as they are out of the Aga…oh, hang on, that always happens anyway.

A turning point this week was when the two older children watched “How to stay young” with us. The concept of a true body age, that doesn’t match the number of times you’ve travelled around the sun, shocked them. The grape bowl was empty by the time the program finished.

They’ve learnt about nutrition since before reception class. I guess in the same way snack brands advertise as often as they can to reinforce their message, most of us need that nudge from the healthy message too, on a regular basis.

Before you think that I’m depriving them completely, we do make cakes and other snacks. The theory is that I cannot bake in the same quantity as snacks can be purchased and devoured. Plus I can cut the unnecessary sugar and salt down too.

(adds: reusuable snack pouches to sewing list).

I know they are growing. I went through Youngest’s wardrobe at the weekend. I ended up with four bags of clothes to go out in recycling, that he has outgrown. Outgrown in the sense of an excess of ankle and wrists showing. Turns out that he has enough trousers, but pyjamas are an endangered species.

(adds: pyjamas to sewing list)

At the weekend, we visited grandparents. Their clematis orientalis (flowers and seedheads in photos above) was putting on the most amazing show. All stages of the flower on the bush, with bumble bees enjoying it.

I’m trying to add more colour and interest to my garden at this time of year. This plant looks perfect. I collected seedheads and took cuttings. I am an optimistic cutting taker. My motto is “nothing lost in trying and everything to gain”. Whatever the time of year. Sometimes it works.

My hop cuttings were flourishing, from a few weeks ago. Tiny little leaves at the ends of the stalks had appeared. Over the weekend, eggs must have hatched on the few older leaves and the caterpillars munched the new growth. I saved what I could, and they are showing signs of growing again. The plants, not the caterpillars. I don’t know how they’re doing. They’re fending for themselves outside.

It may be the end of our growing season. Plenty to get in from the garden still, but growing never stops. Especially with children in the house. I’ll be packing the Teen off on her DofE expedition this weekend, with plenty of healthy snacks. Just need to keep our fingers crossed about the weather. I’ll be busy dismantling and preparing the old piano stool I picked up this week, which I’d prefer to do outside. I’m sure my knitting will grow too. I’m sure I’ll bake a few apple pies too. I’m sure the remaining children will eat them all.

Lots more growing to do. Hope you have a good weekend. See you on the other side.

Joining in with #wotw

12 Responses to My week – grow

  • The Reading Residence says:

    My son appears to grow constantly, I can’t keep up with him, it needs to slow down! We need to get back to more homemade, too, thanks for the reminder. My garden colour is currently being provided by roses, fuschias, hydrangeas, Japanese anemones and beautiful leaf colour changes on things like my acer. All easy growers, I’m hoping they last a few more weeks, they’re so pretty to see x Thanks for sharing with #WotW
    The Reading Residence recently posted..Word of the Week 29/9/17My Profile

  • Louisa says:

    Your post has just given me a wonderful flashback to sitting at my Nan’s table shelling peas from her garden. I don’t like peas at all but I do remember enjoying them straight out of the pod.
    I love your photos. I just want to reach in and touch the big fluffy seed heads.

  • Briony says:

    It’s a question of balance isn’t it ? a bit of rubbish food and mostly healthy. My lot always remind me of the meals I used to serve when they were at home, Spaghetti bake, lentil bake, marrow bake, butterbean flan etc. When they told their friends at school they asked what a bake was, lol
    They have all grown up to be healthy and although they would have preferred more burgers and chips I know I did the right thing as you are doing now.

  • Val says:

    You sound most busy and productive and you post lovely photographs!
    Have a lovely Weekend.

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Cheryl, I think it’s natural to sway between focusing on being healthy and not so healthy eating. I too started making my children aware of healthy eating from a young age (I didn’t allow my first born sweets or chocolate until he was two, my theory was what he didn’t know he couldn’t miss. It was a slightly different story with my second born, she has the nose of a bloodhound and I once caught her devouring some milky bars I had hidden away. It was a time before camera phones and my camera was not at hand. It would have been a classic photo.

    I still have fond memories of shelling peas as a child, two in the pot, one in the mouth. The same went for runner beans (so tasty young and fresh off the vine) and gooseberries. I was lucky to have a Dad who loved to grow veg.

    There are times I wish I had paid attention when Mum tried to teach me to use a sewing machine. I am really clueless. We have a PJ shortage in the house at the moment and we are waiting to get them when they come into Lidls. Not half as nice as home sewn!

    Thank you for linking up with the #’MMBC.

    Debbie recently posted..Zakynthos Town At NightMy Profile

  • Carol says:

    Nothing better than popping fresh veggies from the garden in your mouth. Wonderful macros #MMBC
    Carol recently posted..Cream & Brown Autumn TableMy Profile

  • SLOAH says:

    I love your photography! The bumblebee photo is on point. Alas for my lack of green fingers; I could do with some homegrown magic to persuade mine to try more vegetables! x #MMBC
    SLOAH recently posted..Prestige Flowers; View Life Through a Lux LensMy Profile

  • April says:

    Your plants are beautiful. I keep wishing I could find time to get back into gardening. Well, we move again this summer. Perhaps at the new house.

  • Jules says:

    It’s so funny because I was thinking only yesterday about peas in pods, and how I used to help my mum shell them. I was looking all over in the supermarkets for some. That’s great that you’re growing them. – we started a veg patch this year at my son’s request…. I will look into adding peas to it…

  • I love reading about all your homegrown produce and cakes and muffins straight from the Aga sound amazing 🙂 #WotW

  • Helena says:

    It’s great to read that they are very knowledgable about nutrition and where their food comes from. It’s true that some children grow through their clothes rather fast. I like how you’ve classed pyjamas as an endangered species. #WotW

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