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Currently working on

Let me take you on a quick tour of my current craft projects.

What’s this? Knitting purple again. Looks remarkably similar to the last piece you were knitting.”


{looks down. fidgets feet.}

Erm. Well. It is similar. Very similar. The thing is, easy mistake, I over ordered wool when I was knitting the Boy’s hoodie. Not much. Just twice as much as I needed. Sigh. The pattern required three 100g balls of wool. The wool came in 100g balls, yet somehow I ordered six. Who knows what I was thinking.

Anyway, I agreed to knit another hoodie. Slightly bigger this time for another member of the family. Requiring extra wool, which I ordered very carefully this time.

I’m grabbing time in the evening. It’s a simple pattern, perfect to do while watching TV. I should make good progress on this one.

“What’s this? Still working on your navy skirt? Thought you would have finished it by now.”


{Me, too.}

I really should be wearing it. Several times this week, I’ve wished it was ready. The problem is the light. The days are drawing in giving less crafting time to sew in daylight, after work. Handsewing a dark colour in the evening is challenging, to say the least. I much prefer natural light, so it’s taking a bit longer. When all said and done, I’d prefer to do it right rather than rushing it.

“Ok. Why are you showing us a dirty stool? I see no reason to smile? Is this going on the fire?”


{continues to grin}

Hope not. This is my next project. We needed a piano stool and I found one locally for free, this week. It appears to have had a recent fight with a printer cartridge and lost. Although, in all fairness, I didn’t see what happened to the printer cartridge, so the stool may have won. All before we picked it up.

Must be recent as the ink is still wet. I made the mistake of picking it up by the leg with the ink pool at the top. I then had to negotiate getting it into my husband’s car without transfering the ink from my hand or the stool. I think I managed it. Did I say, my husband wasn’t quite as thrilled as I was about the stool?

I hope no-one sits on it.

At least it forces my hand, so to speak. I’ll clean it up and rip off the seat. Then paint, repad and recover the top. Soon my little pianists will have a stool to sit on rather than lugging over a chair every time they want to practise.

No excuses not to practise.

Here ends my tour. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more progress to show next time.

So what have you been up to?

4 Responses to Currently working on

  • Val says:

    You are putting me to shame …I’ve been charging about cleaning and ironing but nothing creative to show for it I’m afraid… except temporay order in some areas of the house …I have been planting bulbs though (in a mad rush before the ground freezes for the Winter ) but I’m not sure that counts either …I think I need an undemanding pickup/put down project ….puts on thinking cap.

    The seat will be lovely I’m sure ..it just needs some love. I love it when you can give something a new lease of life. The last time I covered a piano stool I used denim of all things ..it was pretty pet proof and worked surprisingly well.

    I totally get the ‘light’ or lack of it problem …gosh good eyesight just suddenly vanishes ..I think I need a spotlight at times.

    Extra wool is always useful and it’s such a lovely colour and the first hoodie worked a treat…just pretend it was planned lol

    • Craft Mother says:

      I suspect your house is a bit more presentable than mine, if that makes you feel any better. I haven’t even thought about bulbs. Like your idea of denim. Hadn’t thought of using that, but it would look good. Shame I’ve put a whole lot of old jeans out in recycling. The pockets would have looked perfect additions. I’m probably going to use curtain fabric.

      I am totally going to pretend that the extra wool was intended…although I’d have to delete this post….

  • Jo Roberts says:

    Stool looks good to me – so much potential. You are a braver crafter than me to knit another purple sweater off the back of the other one. hard core i would say. Happy crafting. Jo x

  • Rachel @ The Daisy Pages says:

    What lovely projects you have going on! I love your hoodie..It looks so lovely and cosy for autumn and winter. Good luck with your piano stool, too, what an interesting project. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! This last week, I’ve started to learn to crochet….I’m finding I’m all fingers and thumbs at the moment but at least I’ve made a start 🙂

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