Here I am: Among the flowers

ox eye daisies at feet 2Each year we leave the grass to grow. It attracts all sorts of insects as well as toads and frogs. I have a spot that I like to sit on the ground and watch the damsel flitting and dragonflies hunting. Like shiny streaks of colour. Quartering the ground.

The soldier beetles climb up the grass stalks and launch themselves, flying with wings above and bodies almost vertical, being dragged below. They look like they are straight out of an illustrated, childhood book, where a child is running through a meadow, unaware of the wildlife they are sending up. These are the insects.

ox eye daisies at feetThis year, I have a strong suspicion that we have attracted a hedgehog. I’ve spotted their tell tale calling card a few times this summer. We haven’t had hedgehogs in the garden for a while. We used to have lots.

I always knew there was one about at night, when I let the dogs out. They would bark relentlessly, until we came out to see the problem. Once the dogs had handed over the problem of the intruder to us, they would retreat to the kitchen.

The hedgehogs disappeared around about the time we became aware of badgers in the garden. I’ve always had the theory that badgers and hedgehogs do not mix. I’ve since heard others say it, so I’m not alone. There are less badgers now, so maybe the hedgehogs are coming back.

Maybe they like our wild grass areas. I hope so.

ox eye daisiesThe one part of the wild garden area that has failed is the wild flowers. Our hawks eye and fox and cubs hold their own, but nothing else. I’ve sown seed each year to no avail.

Until this year. This year, we have a small patch of ox eye daisies. I’m happy. Fingers crossed for even more next year. Grow big daisies, Grow.


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