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garden twine granny square bunting(garden twine crochet granny square)

I seem to be posting more up on Instagram recently and less in this space. It’s faster and easier to post a photo up there than to sit down and write a blog post. I take a photo using my phone and within a few minutes, its up on my Instagram feed.

I like the interaction that goes hand in hand with Instagram. People like and comment more readily. Take the granny square I crocheted (above). I was inspired by another Instagrammer’s photo and have been on the look out for coloured garden twine ever since. Advice given on hook size. It’s faster.

lavender farm

(lavender farm)

Which brings me to this space. I’ve been ruminating about it. It’s the school holidays, which means balancing work with children. They are older. They want more adventures. Something has to give and I think it will have to be this space.

In the back of my mind, this blog may have run its natural course. I’ll see how it goes. I may pop back every so often over the holidays. Maybe one photo. A postcard. Maybe a recap of photos from Instagram. Just like this post. Recapping my week.


SunflowersThe sunflowers are out. These two insist on propping each other up.

poppyThe poppy I bought from a trip to the National Trust’s Montacute House finally opened its petals. Most of the flowers were badly effected by a heavy down pour. This one was sheltering under a nearby rosemary and survived. I love the petit four iced centre.

agapanthusThis is the first year I’ve managedĀ  flowering agapanthus. I am very pleased. I think the milder winter helped rather than me doing anything different.

sweetcorn growingThe sweetcorn are doing well. The pumpkins are winding their way between the sweetcorn stalks. The peas and beans are to one side. A nod in the direction of the North American three sister tradition.

toad after darkThe bats are still with us. I suspect tree felling in the woods behind us, has meant that they have chosen to return to us for safety. We counted 150 flying out of our roof one night.

The usual invasion of tiny toads was less grand this year. Maybe interrupted by the nearby forestry activity. We still have lots of big toads. At night, I need a torch to avoid treading on them in the garden.


breakfast(Saturday morning pancake and fruit breakfast)

We are starting to bring food in from the garden. I’ve made lots of blackcurrant coulis. The peas are being eaten before they can make it through the kitchen door. Broad beans have been harvested. Some eaten, some in the freezer.

rhubarb and orange cake(rhubarb and orange cake)

We’ve started ordering a weekly fruit and veg box again. It is stretching my culinary talent, as all sorts of vegetables are included that I’d probably avoid. Yes, I’m looking at you, kale and aubergine. The ones that bring out the fussy eaters in the household. I’ve branched out and tried a few new recipes from the Allotment Kitchen book. So far, I’ve made Courgette and Feta Cheddar cheese fritters (which were popular even with the people who don’t like courgettes), rhubarb and orange cake (yum) and cooked kale and spinach in a slightly different way (everyone ate it).

I have a few more recipes from the book earmarked.


Peach Rose crochet square

(peach rose chochet square)

I’ve been sewing, but not quite ready to share yet. I’ve also been experimenting with different patterns in crochet. Takes more concentration than a simple granny square or daisy.

clay green man kids craftWe went to Priddy Folk festival and were inspired by the green man faces for sale. Using air drying clay, we made our own versions. This one is mine. I was struck by how mine had greek/roman influences while my daughter’s was undoubtedly a Somerset version. You’ll see what I mean, once I finally post it up.

That’s it for this time. Hope you are all enjoying your summer or winter.


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  • Thursday 28 July, 2016 at 11:29 am

    I am sorry to hear that you won’t be in this space as much. I think Instagram is taking the place of blogs for many bloggers. Enjoy it!

    • Sunday 31 July, 2016 at 10:28 am

      I’ll still be here. Not sure how often. I’ll see where it takes me.

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