Dear Daughter: About opportunity

basket weave Farmer's wife quilt block angleDear Daughter

Another letter. Another quilt block. This time I’ve chosen the Basket Weave block. Straight forward, yet, hints of more. I imagine it as a small detail from a basket, which is holding apples or a sewing project. The perfect structure for whatever I need to carry. Always at the ready. Prepared.

basket weave Farmer's wife quilt blockWe used to have a quote up on the wall at home, when I was younger. It was taken from a newspaper or magazine and attributed to Louis Pasteur. I’ve seen it translated in several ways, but I always prefer the version I first read.

Opportunity favours the prepared mind.

I used to ponder how a mind could be prepared for every opportunity. I was studying for exams. I knew if I revised the subject then I’d be ready for every question those dastardly examiners could possibly throw at me.

basket weave Farmer's wife quilt block harp

But that wouldn’t work for every opportunity. Would it? No one could hand me a curriculum for all life, to swot up on. To be ready.

So what is the answer? Is there a list? Is there a formula or recipe? How do you prepare for every opportunity?

I think my younger self missed the point. It’s more to do with how you approach opportunity, rather than learning by rote. So, in the spirit of sharing, here is my guide for what to do when presented with an opportunity.

How to tame an opportunity

Appendix 1: Not all opportunities are worth pursuing. You’ll get better at spotting these ones, over time.

Appendix 2: Not all opportunities come wrapped up in a bow and gift labelled. Some need to be coaxed. Some need to be made. But none will exist, unless your mind is open.

Dear Daughter Quilt blocks 14

Here’s to many happy opportunities in your future. Especially now you are a teen!

As ever

your loving Mother

This is part of my Dear Daughter Quilt. A letter and a quilt block. And fun.

2 thoughts on “Dear Daughter: About opportunity

  • Thursday 1 October, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Lovely quilt and lovely quote….I think a quilt interspersed with plain blocks with quotes embroidered on them would be nice and very personal.

    • Thursday 1 October, 2015 at 6:06 pm

      Oh my goodness! That is a great idea. I can see that working. Just a few dotted around would work. Now just need to whittle down my favourite quotes.

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