Slice of Life – Week 3

spinning green

A Slice of life: rhythm-seeking

One photo. One word. (….almost)

A photo that doesn’t show everything. Just a slice of life. Time taken to notice the moment and how it makes me feel. A reminder to live in the moment and savour it with all my senses. Being present in the now, before it’s gone.


This is a new project for me. By taking the photo, it forces me to stop and live in that moment. Noticing it all. One ordinary moment. One point in my week. Embracing the moment for what it is – positive or not. I’m going to post it every Sunday and see where it takes me. If anyone is interested in joining in, please leave a comment.

Let me know if you would like to feature in the next week’s “A Slice of life” and if you are happy for me to use a photo from your blog.

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