It begins with a D and it is yellow.

“We’ve found a new flower in the garden. Its yellow and it begins with D.”

“A daffodil”

“No, its new.”

As BL lead me out of my seed planting bliss in the nice, warm greenhouse, I was curious. When I saw what it was, I was torn between admiring her amazing find and wanting to dig out with my bare hands, before it did any harm. I decided on the former. I may regret it as I’m digging all the dandelions out from that bed in a few months time. For the moment, it was her proud moment as the other two children admired her find.

It is another one to add to their list.

TF and I found a nest and a pair of goldfinches next to it. Maybe coincidence, but we are going to keep an eye on it. When TF went back to report his find to the others, BL misheard him and thought he said that there was a goldfish nest in the tree. Hee hee. It didn’t spoil his proud moment.

Otherwise, it has been a seed planting, ice cream making, meringue creating, yogurt warming kind of day.

4 thoughts on “It begins with a D and it is yellow.

    • Wednesday 7 April, 2010 at 2:02 pm

      Thank you for the links. I totally agree that bees are pleased to see dandelions, especially at this time of year. I have areas of borage, herbs and lavender to encourage them to visit our garden. Unfortunately, the dandelion featured, will have to be removed as it is in my kitchen garden and if left, as I have before, the bed would become a carpet of dandelions. We have excellent dandelion soil. The garden is surrounded by fields and a wooded nature area, so there is a constant supply of dandelion flowers and seeds. Later in the season, the green and gold finches love ripping the dandelion seeds to bits. Plenty of opportunity for more plants.

      So I am afraid this weed’s days are numbered. I am going to wait until it is almost a seed head, but you do make a good point, Marie. Thank you. I appreciate the reminder.

  • Wednesday 7 April, 2010 at 7:04 am

    Goldfinches …that’s rather special, I’ve always loved the look of them but only once have I seen them in real life . Feeding on thistle seeds. My Grandmother had a small book with gilded edges to the pages, bound in blue board covers (Victorian I suspect) it was a small book of British birds illustrated with colour plates and the Goldfinch plate just caught my imagination.
    My two love dandelions too they have no concept of them being a
    Round here it’s snowing again but the pussy willow is showing the promise of Spring and the days are getting longer quickly .

    Btw I haven’t missed spotting those meringues…they just look seriously about virtual temptation

    • Wednesday 7 April, 2010 at 2:09 pm

      We are really lucky with the variety of birds we get in the garden. We get bullfinches, which seem to hang around as a family group. I have surrendered my cherry tree to them. My personal favourite are the Long Tailed tits. They look so exotic.

      Thought you would like the meringues, Val.

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