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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”



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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings

science craft activity

An articulated hand project

testing the articulated hand Amazing magazineThe perfect project, I think, is one that combines creativity and learning. This STEM activity fits the bill. Middle daughter really wanted to make an articulated hand. I’ve seen the project before, but was impressed by how clear the instructions were in the Amazing! magazine. Middle is now of the age that she can follow the instructions by herself, with very little interference help from me.

making an articulated hand Amazing magazineWe used my glue gun to stick the straws to the cardboard. The only other change she made was using cardboard from a cereal box instead of corrugated cardboard. The end result is remarkably sturdy, and strong enough for everyone in the family to play with.

threading wool through an articulated hand Amazing magazineShe raided my dressmaking tools and found my loop turner, which is used to turn spaghetti shoulder straps the right way round. Having a latch hook at the end, it was perfect for pulling the wool through the straws.

back of the articulated hand Amazing magazine

We used the glue gun again to stick the rubber bands to the back of hand, so the hand will return to a flat state.

We recorded a video to show you how good the movement turned out. I’ve sped it up. It only takes 12 seconds.


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If you would like to find out more about the Amazing! magazine, I have a competition running at the moment to win a copy of the magazine, so you can see for yourself. Competition open until the end of April 6th. Anyway, click here Now closed.

Sharing. Good idea.

When it rains, make a rainbow

fabric pompom rainbow garland2

A couple of weeks ago, BL invited a  friend over after school. These playdates tend to go one of two ways. Either all the craft supplies are available and masterpieces are made, or they charge round the garden looking for wildlife. This time the request came in, before the day, that they wanted to craft.

wrapping the pom poms around cardboard

During a brief visit to Pinterest (OK, maybe not brief), I’d spotted snowballs made from netting. Wonderful, except it was Spring/Summer so I knew that I’d use the colourful net left over from the last birthday party.

wrapping the pom poms

This is a very quick craft activity that would suit a wide age range. I’d cut the strips already to limit waiting time for the children.

cutting the pompoms

The rainbow pompoms gave them practise wrapping neatly, using the big scissors and tying knots.

arranging the pompomAnother chance to practise the order of the colours in a rainbow, as they arranged the pompoms into a garland. The rainbow garlands are now hanging up in their bedroom windows.  Their very own rainbows, whatever the weather. Our friend left clutching her own rainbow garland too.fabric pompom rainbow garland short2

Today, to tempt the sun out and banish the rain clouds, we made rainbow cookies. And do you know? It worked! The sun is out and the blue skies have returned.rainbow cookies

Just had to share this little gem. When I learnt the colours of the rainbow, we used “Richard of York gained battle in vain.” My children use the mnemonic but always follow it up with a rendition of this song. (I can highly recommend the Here Comes Science CD and DVD)

Watch out. You’ll spend all day singing it.

Joining in with the Magic Onion’s Friday  Nature table today

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Sharing. Good idea.


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