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rainy day craft activity

Colourful Rainy Day Crafts

rainy day craft activities

There are two choices for how to entertain the children on a rainy day at this time of year. Either throw on the waterproof gear, go out and enjoy it, or break open the craft materials.

Here are ten of our favourite colourful rainy day craft activities to do with the children:fabric pompom rainbow garland2

1. Make a fabric pom pom rainbow bunting. We used coloured netting, but any strips of fabric should do.

A tshirt

2. Paint a tshirt. Could use an old tshirt or a pre washed new one. We used bottle tops and fabric paint to create a colourful letter on tshirts.

smiling dragonfly craft w

3. Make a mini-beast. We love dragonflies. Used a peg and felt tips to make our own version, which to this day, still live on the fridge, thanks to the magnets attached.

children decorated birthday cake

4. Make a graffiti cake. Break out the icing pens and gels. You provide the cake and they provide the enthusiasm.

toilet roll tube magnetic marble run

5. Gather up toilet roll tubes, paints, marbles and magnets to make a magnetic marble run. The more colourful the paint, the better. Hours of fun making and playing.

painted foot

6. Paint feet or hands and make colourful prints. We made cards ready to send on birthdays.

handful of painted acorn craft 2

7. Make a cardboard maze and paint some colourful characters to race around it. Ours are made from acorns, but it could be stones or anything that is small enough and round.

blow fish

8. Have a fish race. Just need paper, felt tips, string and a straw.

Origami mouse 18

9. Make an army of origami mice. Colourful paper and patience essential.

snail race wrestling

10. Make a circular snail racing board. As colourful as you like, although avoid textured surfaces as snails don’t like travelling over them. Easy to find snails on a rainy day. Just remember to return them from where ever you found them.

Hope you found something to brighten up a rainy day. Who knows. It may even scare away the rain clouds. No promises.


Shadow Play Theatre

cutting out shadow players a

Somehow we didn’t get round to a craft activity I’d planned for the weekend. Not sure why, but it did mean that everything was lined up for us to do it after school yesterday. It happens to have a St David’s day theme. Shadow play 1 aWe chose a folk tale from one of our welsh story books. As we had less time, I drew up some figures from the story on white paper and transferred them to black construction paper, before cutting them out.

BL and I taped a sheet of white tissue paper to a cardboard frame, we made. Not forgetting to tape on feet to help it stand upright.

Shadow play 2 a

By this stage it was dusk. TF ran upstairs to find his torch. I showed the children how to hold the figures up to the shadow theatre and shine the torch behind it.

shadow play wife dancing a

It was lovely to see BL and TF working together, telling the story. They remembered all the details. It really was entertaining to listen to them.

shadow play old man dancing a

Later, I lit the fire in the sitting room and they used that to light the stage. Looking through from the kitchen, I could see the effect was stunning. I couldn’t help smiling at the sight of teddies all lined up to watch the play. Once they had run through the play, they started to make up other tales between them. Always amazes me that even the most simple toy can stimulate so much. In fact, I think the simpler it is, the more imaginative play is inspired. Open ended play at its best.

shadow play wife dancing2 a

I suspect that they will make more players for their shadow theatre and more tales will be performed by my little story tellers. One change I will make. Next time I’ll organize a mirror for the teddies to hold. Just so the stage hands can enjoy the play too.

Of course it doesn’t have to be just for St David’s Day, I’m tempted to make a dragon for St George’s day too. Any favourite story would be fun to make and perform. Which would you make?

I’m linking up with Karen’s #LetKidsBeKids. For simple play ideas for children, hop on over.

Also linking up with the wonderfully creative Sara at creative jewish mom and

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Crafts on Sea

Making a felt leek for St David’s Day

wearing the felt leek

We like to celebrate St David’s day each year. If only by making a batch of welsh cakes, but if we can add a bit of crafting into the mix, then all the better. This year we are opting for welsh felt leek brooches. As St David’s day is next Saturday, we made our leeks this weekend.

They worked out so nicely, I’m going to share a step-by-step.

felt leek materials

To start, you’ll need white felt, green felt tips, white thread, safety pin, scissors and a needle.

We cut a 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangle from the felt.

felt leek gather stitch

Next step is to sew a line of running stitches as shown in photo, using the white thread. Make sure you anchor the thread at the beginning, by sewing three small stitches, one on top of each other, before you start the running stitch.

felt leek roll

At the end of the line, pull the thread to slightly gather the end of the felt, then roll the felt up as shown. Don’t cut the thread.

felt leek sewing

Once it is rolled up, anchor the thread again with three little stitches on the spot, as shown in the above photo. Next sew two thirds along the long edge of the roll, to hold the roll together. Finishing off with three little stitches again. You can cut the end of the thread off now. This makes the stalk.

felting the leaves

Using the felt tips, colour the top third of the leek, which is not sewn. Make sure you have done both sides of the felt.

felt leek cutting

Cut the leaves as shown above.

making leek roots

Next add the roots to the leek. I like to do this double thread, which means that the ends of the thread are even. Then sew as shown in the photo. This method will anchor the root to the felt.

felt leek safety pin

Next sew the safety pin onto the back of the leek. I put it so that the join is covered by the pin. It is personal preference which way round the pin goes, but I prefer the head of the pin at the top.

Two felt leeks

Then Bob’s your uncle. Your felt leek is ready to be worn. This is great sewing project for older children. For younger children, who cannot sew, the leek can be glued instead of sewn.

ladybird nails and felt leek

I know the children are looking forward to wearing their leeks on Saturday.

I’m aiming to post the recipe we use for welsh cakes later on in the week. In the meantime,  if you’d like some more St David’s Day activities, take a look at some other of our craft and activities. Welsh cake recipe is here.

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welsh cakes

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welsh children's books

Book suggestions

fire breathing dragon

Make a fire-breathing welsh dragon

Linking up with Craft Schooling Sunday  and LetKidsBekids. Giving the children time away for all the tech.

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