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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”



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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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pattern review

Hee, hee – a new handmade blouse for me

bobbin blouse front handmade 2

When I finish sewing a project I always have mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m jumping with joy. At last I can wear/use/give the whatever it is. I can move on to the next project, which has been sitting impatiently in the wings. “Start me. Start me.”

On the other hand, I also feel a tad forlorn. The feeling that I’ve not quite finished it. I could just sew a little bit more. Improve it a fraction. Alter it a tiny amount. Please tell me I’m not alone?bow detail on bobbin blouse handmade

Times like this I fall back on the 80:20 rule and leave it. That way I actually finish. I may have only done 80% of what I’d really really like to do, but the difference is that I have a finished object. The last 20% is less important. Or at least it has a diminishing return for the effort I put in. Far better to let it go and start the next project. “Start me. Start me.”

This is the bobbin fabric from a few days ago. I loved the answers you gave about which fabric best described you.

bobbin blouse reading handmade

I used the New Look 6598 pattern to turn it into a blouse, which I’ve used before to make a floral version. This time I made view D. Shorter sleeves and no collar. I added a bit of length to the sleeves. Also to the body, as the original length tends to show my tummy when I stretch up. It’s OK. I just avoid reaching up. Easy. Solution for everything!

One part that I would improve. Here comes the 20% part. If I had a dressmaker’s mannequin, I would have altered the darts a bit more. It’s not quite as fitted as I would have liked, but I can live with it.sewing and bobbin blouse handmade

When all said and done, this is going to be an amazingly useful blouse, this summer. I’m already planning to make another version.

I have to thank my eldest daughter for taking these photos. Thank you, slightly taller one. Not without a little amusement thrown into the mix, I assure you. It wouldn’t be her if there wasn’t. Would you like to take a peek at my view? From where I was sitting? Go on then.

AJ photographer and henNo, I’m none the wiser about why a chicken was there.

Any tips on how you know when to finish a project? Gladly received.


Sewing details:

Pattern: New Look 6598 – easy pattern to put together.
Fabric: Bobbin fabric from our local fabric shop
Buttons: Recycled from a handknitted baby cardigan
Seams: french seams.

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