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Three children *** One big, grey dog *** Two parents *** Country loving *** Cottage dwelling in the South-West of the UK. That’s us!

We’ve been blogging since January 2010, about everyday happenings that bring us joy.

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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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first machine sewing project for children

How to make a patchwork bookmark

We needed an easy, creative activity today. We had snow, but not enough to entertain anyone more than 5 minutes outside. Just finger nipping cold, nose chilling wet. I don’t wish to sound greedy, but can someone send us enough to make a snowman next time, please? Continue reading

An independent owl

making an owl softie 5“I’d like to do some sewing.”

I cannot lie. I do love that sentence. Especially when it is said by one of my children. For a split moment, I’m tempted to suggest all sorts of fun sewing projects, but I don’t.

“What would you like to sew?”

making an owl softie 2“I don’t know.”

She wanders away.

Darn. Have I missed my opportunity to encourage her? I should have said something else.

A few minutes later, she returns with a book. Phew. She was just checking out which book to use from our rather large library of beginner’s sewing. I’m impressed that she selected one so quicky. It usually takes me longer. I’ve been known to take all evening and still not decide. Continue reading

He made a cushion

the boy made a cushionThis may look like a cushion, but to me it represents a lot more.

As the children get older they ask less and less for craft activities. They don’t seem to rush for a place at the table so often when I suggest making something.  I miss some of the fun projects we’ve created together. I miss the enthusiasm and the way the projects never turned out as I imagined. Usually morphing into something more wonderful. More them.

Other interests take priority. When they are creative, they opt for their own ideas. Other influences. That’s fine. Occasionally someone will ask me to teach them how to knit or sew, but these requests are getting fewer and fewer. I don’t push. It is up to them.

pinning cushion together

So when one turns to me and says that he’d like to make a cushion and can he use the sewing machine for the first time….it harks back to the former days of making traffic cones or dragonflies. Be still my beating heart. I suggest embellishments. Not this time. I suggest fabric. Not this time. And no, he doesn’t want to add anything to it, to make it into a monster.

This time, it is all his idea. Continue reading

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