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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”



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  • Helena Loving these cauldrons. We've got some tissue paper so we may have a go too. #mmbc 20 Oct
  • Catherine Jones This post gave me quite a chuckle with the "universe" trying to tell you something. I have those days (weeks, years!). I have to say... 20 Oct
  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... I love this idea! So sweet to make a crafted garland. I like the idea of decorating the house like you would for Christmas #MMBC 19 Oct
  • Eileen I love the idea of a village church. Sounds like a community where everyone knows each other. Sorry to hear that these school starts are... 18 Oct
  • Eileen These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the "how to" with us. 18 Oct
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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings

The contents of my wardrobe

OK. I think this may be a first for me. Never shown before. Correct me if I’m wrong, by all means, but I don’t think I’ve ever included a photo of the contents of my wardrobe. Here it is, in all its glory. Talk about keeping it real.

There is a purpose to my sharing. I’m not being completely random, although that wouldn’t be anything new, of course.  Nor have I run out of other thing to write about. Poor gal, she’s got nothing left to say. She’ll be showing us the contents of her bin or compost next.

No, I’m sharing because every time I open my wardrobe, I smile. It’s the colours, patterns and knowing that most of the clothes hanging up there, were made by me. By my own fair hands. A real handmade wardrobe is emerging. Best of all, I’m wearing most of them on a regular basis. In fact, looking at the photo now, I can spot a few items that must be in the wash and missed this moment.

I love opening my wardrobe each morning. “What shall I wear?” has become a more joyful, sing-songy question recently. I really do smile. A good start to the morning.

Incidently, am I the only one who has a partner that will unerringly reply “clothes”, when they hear that particular question? As if I was eyeing up the suit dust cover or a duvet slip as a possible option. Maybe one day I should. Just to see his reaction. Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

My week – grow

I don’t think I will ever grow bored of seeing my children snap open a peapod and count the peas, before popping the contents into their mouths. All straight from the garden.

Parenting job number 146 complete.

I can almost see the children grow that little bit more.

We’ve been talking a lot about nutrition this week. Recently, I’ve moved us away from snacks that come in little plastic bags and see-through boxes. Unless they’re healthy. More towards homemade or homegrown, again.

It feels like I revisit this on a regular basis. I’ll get us to the point of eating well and then, something happens, and I’m back buying convenience food again. Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

Currently working on

Let me take you on a quick tour of my current craft projects.

What’s this? Knitting purple again. Looks remarkably similar to the last piece you were knitting.”


{looks down. fidgets feet.}

Erm. Well. It is similar. Very similar. The thing is, easy mistake, I over ordered wool when I was knitting the Boy’s hoodie. Not much. Just twice as much as I needed. Sigh. The pattern required three 100g balls of wool. The wool came in 100g balls, yet somehow I ordered six. Who knows what I was thinking.

Anyway, I agreed to knit another hoodie. Slightly bigger this time for another member of the family. Requiring extra wool, which I ordered very carefully this time.

I’m grabbing time in the evening. It’s a simple pattern, perfect to do while watching TV. I should make good progress on this one.

“What’s this? Still working on your navy skirt? Thought you would have finished it by now.”


{Me, too.} Continue reading

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Sharing. Good idea.


There have been cases when people lifted my photos and words, and used them without credit to me or asking permission first. Using them for their own commercial gain. I have now added a level of security to deter people from doing this. Apologies to people who do play nicely. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me.

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