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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”



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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings

Here I Am

pattern muddle1

(puzzling out a dressmaking pattern)

Here I am….

Way back when I first started blogging, I used to join in with Garden Mama’s Wandering Wednesday. Everyone would take a photo of where their feet were – standing, sitting, relaxing in a hammock.rain puddle

(After the rain)

I have to admit I loved joining in. It gave me a moment each week to look down and think about the now, where I was and what was around me. To stop and feel my own presence in the environment.  A mindful activity.dog walking

(visiting Arlington Court)

I’d post it up, almost as a postcard and leave a comment on Garden Mama’s post for that week. (The laid back way we used to link up, back then) The next week, Garden Mama would include all the photos up on her site, for us all to see, as a collection. Like footsteps around the world.

feet in peas

(Among the peas)

I missed it when it stopped. I miss her blog too. Did you take part?

wandering among the carriages

(Coach house at Arlington Court)

I thought I’d use my Wednesday slot to send you all a “postcard” of where I am. If anyone wants to join in, let’s do it the old fashion way (!) Leave me a comment, with a link to your “postcard”, on my Wednesday post by the end of the following Tuesday so I have time to gather up photos. Let me know if you are happy for me to use your photo in my next week’s post and I will link to your blog or wherever it’s posted.

You could post it up on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or your blog. I don’t mind. It can be wordless or provide an insight into your moment. “Here I am….”

I’ll run it over the summer and see where it goes.

first fallers

Three facts you will discover:

  1. It’s a lot easier to take a photo of your feet than a selfie!
  2. I wear wellies a lot
  3. People will wonder why you are taking photos of your feet, mumbling “Here I am..”

It would be fun if you joined me. Be it at home or on holiday. From which ever country you call home. Making footsteps around the world. Where will it go?

Sharing. Good idea.

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