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Birthday wishes can come true

It was BL’s, my little mouse’s, birthday on Sunday. She is my dreamer who loves snow. As soon as the temperature drops, she’s wishing for snow. (see last year’s tactics.) She says that she didn’t use her birthday wish for snow, but Sunday was our first snowy day this season. It snowed great big flakes and kept going for a decent amount of time. Leaving us a uniform covering. On her birthday. She was thrilled.

We seem to have had the shortest Autumn ever and straight into Winter. All hope of an Indian Summer gone.



BL has her party next weekend, so we kept her actual birthday simple. She decorated cake pops with her brother and sister. A new activity for them all.

They loved making these treats and eating them, of course. I used a cake pop mould to make the cake balls, which was very easy.

Especially easy using the advice in the comments (link above). I bought the mould thinking that if nothing else, I could use it for bath bombs, but I’ll be keeping this for cake pops as it really does work. (Oh, and I used butter with no problems). I melted candy melts for the children to dip the cake pops into.


I suspect I’ve just created a new birthday tradition. Along with the needle felted brooches. She has a fun crafting birthday party to look forward to next.

Happy 8th birthday, little mouse.

(and birthday wishes can come true)

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12 Responses to Birthday wishes can come true

  • Val says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to the Snow girl !!!!!!!!

    The cake pops are being admired…and the felt badge is great!

    Glad a wish came true :0) …sorry about the absence of an Indian Summer though :0(

  • Mousy Brown says:

    How lucky you got snow…no sign of it at all up here yet! Birthday wishes from another Mouse to your little mouse…glad she got her wish 😀

  • Julie says:

    Sounds like a perfect new, and yummy, birthday tradition. Juliex

  • Fiona says:

    The cake pops look fantastic.
    I have wanted to try them for a while, but always been put off by how complicated they seem. It’s always nice to read about them working so well. Maybe we will do them at our Christmas party this year.
    And we will try and wish some snow your way (when ours actually arrives!).

    • Cheryl says:

      It’s worth making the pops the day before, to ensure they are fully bonded with the stick. Or as near as a cake can be!

      The children would be thrilled if you could fan some snow our way. Just need to get one more load of wood in….

  • se7en says:

    Oh happy birthday little mouse!!! We have a mouse as well!!! We also went straight from summer to winter last year and NO indian summer… longest winter forever… Then spring took forever to arrive, last week. This week it is summer. And we definitely need to get a pop mould!!! That would make life a lot easier!!! Hope your mouse has heaps of snow and a brilliant year!!!

    • Cheryl says:

      Big advantage of the pop moulds is that you don’t need the butter cream to keep the cake crumbs in a ball shape. I’m convincing myself that this is a lower calorie way of doing it as its less butter. (Fingers in my ears…don’t tell me I’m wrong).

  • melissa says:

    oh happy happy birthday to sweet bl!!
    what a wonderful celebration! and i’d totally use my birthday wish to wish for snow!

  • Tell her Happy B-day. :c)

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