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The purple jumper gang

It’s not often I make two things the same. If I do, it’s usually something small like a cowl or mittens. Quick and easy. Even then, there will be a difference in some way. A different colour. A tweak to the pattern.

But a jumper. Two identical. No.

Except I have this time. Once my husband saw the purple hoodie I knitted youngest over the summer, he dropped hints. The strange thing was, that I had over ordered the purple yarn. It was almost as if, deep down, I’d anticipated that I wouldn’t be through with this knitting pattern after the initial one had left the needles.

I cast on, once more. Not such a quick knit this time, due to the size. I finished slightly too late for it to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree, but it’s done now.

My husband loves it. He says that it is surprisingly light and warm. He’s worn it to the office most days this week.

The only part I’m not happy with this pattern is the hood. It looks fine down, but when worn up, it’s a different story. More like a 1950s young child cocoon look, if you get what I mean. Snug around the head, with a last minute thought of an opening for the face.  In hindsight, I should have pondered why the photos on the pattern sheet, show the hood down in all four photos.

On the upside, it does look good down.

To make up for the lousy hood, I have knitted a beanie hat in purple. Again, this has gone down well, but we do disagree with how it should be worn on his head. I say pulled down. He says pointy.

So, no hat photo.

Before I finish, and just to prove that I haven’t somehow stretched the first version, here are the two jumpers, because we all know that twinning is winning!

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