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Debs Random Writings

What was once a knitting project…..

On the face of it, I’ve made little progress on my shawl. It has grown by 30 rows, which doesn’t account for the other 20 odd rows that went wherever frogged rows vanish to.

I’m a tad frustrated.

The pattern is not complicated. There are yarn-overs and pass-stitches-over-other-ones, but it’s not complicated. Nothing beyond my knitting experience, at least, but I cannot remember a more frustrating knit. Believe me, I’ve had time to contemplate it.

I think the problem is the yarn. It is very pretty. It is soft. It will look amazing, once it’s finished, but (you could hear that coming, couldn’t you?) it is not helpful when doing anything other than stocking stitch. Throw a yarn-over into the mix and get ready to pull your hair out.

The yarn is basically a wool-like twist and a fabric ribbon, held together by the thinnest of black threads, loosely wrapped around the other two. The colour varying every few inches. If any of those get separated, or broken in the case of the black thread, between stitches, then counting stitches or knitting the next row can be a challenge. Good luck if you want to pick up stitches.

I have undone so many rows. Grrr! I am not giving up. I’ve turned this into a military operation. This was once a knitting project. It is now a logistics exercise.

First step is a life line, which I move every other row. I have frogged back to it so many times. Next, each repeat in the row is marked by a stitch marker. I ran out on my last row and ended up using my engagement and wedding rings, as I couldn’t risk putting it down, to find more stitch markers. Third action is to count, count, count.

I overheard a conversation between two of my children, one evening.

“Don’t talk to her. She’s counting.”

“But she’s always counting.”

Hmm. I’m sure I’ve read a book with a character just like that…..

I will get there. I’m on row 58. Another 96 to go, plus the inevitable frogged rows that are yet to happen. Please no one point out that the number of stitches is gradually increasing as triangular shawls tend to do. I am in denial and ignoring this point.

The yarn is lovely. I am still wondering if I should have made it into a jumper for one of the children, as it is going further than I imagined. I picked it up from a charity shop. With hindsight, I can make a fair guess about why it ended up there in the first place. I wonder how many times.

I’ve not had much time to read my book this week, but I have managed a couple of chapters in the evening, before my eyes can stay open no longer. It’s good and I’m into it enough now, to want to find out what happens. A good sign for me!

So. What are you knitting, making and reading this week?


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6 Responses to What was once a knitting project…..

  • Briony says:

    I’ve used yarn like this before and although it looks great made up, it is a nighmare to knit or even worse, crochet with.
    Good luck, I know you’ll get there in the end and I look forward to seeing it finished.

    • Craft Mother says:

      You don’t know how good that is to hear. I ponder on a daily basis if I should carry on with it. I had wondered about crocheting it. I thought it would be easier, but maybe not from your experience. I will soldier on. The vision of it knitted up and blocked, helps to keep me going. And lovely comments like yours. 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    we are sisters in knitting and i am living proof to not give up. the yarn is beautiful but i think it makes seeing the pattern difficult. maybe!!

    don’t give up, we are knitters not quitters!!!

    • Craft Mother says:

      Just my thoughts when I saw all your stitch markers! Hopefully the lacey pattern will be a lot more obvious once its blocked. I like the idea of being a knitter rather than a quitter. 😀

  • Andrea says:

    That yarn is gorgeous! But yes, it does sound like a huge pain in the neck (some of the pretties yarns are, aren’t they?). Stitch markers are a lifesaver. I couldn’t knit anything without them!

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