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Debs Random Writings

An interesting kind of helpful

making-apple-pieI woke up on Sunday, knowing that the apples had to be picked. Collecting windfalls is one thing, but I’d looked up. I knew. There were an amazing number of big apples hanging from the branches. They needed to come down.

raking-leavesSo I challenged the children. A barrow or two of apples.

autumn-pile-of-leavesI love their enthusiasm. They were out and busy, before I could get my boots on to join them. (The Teen was out seeing a friend) They picked the lower ones first, then climbed the tree to pick the next layer of apples. After that, we needed the apple cropping contraption.

In between, they found the rakes and started raking up the leaves. Without being asked to do it. How thoughtful. Soon a big pile of leaves was mounting up. I began to wonder where to put the leaves. Images of composted leaves to nourish the soil next year.

All the time, they kept on raking.

I should have been suspicious.

running-to-jump-on-leavesBefore I knew what was happening, they were giggling and lining up. I just had time to grab my camera.


kicking-leavesAnd just like that, the pile was gone.

apples-in-the-wheelbarrowThey did fill the wheelbarrow with apples. I couldn’t be disappointed as that was the challenge. Added bonus. I can put off thinking about where to store the leaves, for a while.

apple-pie-startedNow I need to work my way through the contents of the wheelbarrow and make more pie and puree for the freezer. Maybe I can send them up to collect a few more apples after school today.

6 ideas for making the most of your apple glut

If you have a glut of apples too, here are some ideas on what to do with them, other than crumble and pie.

Reindeer apple sauce and cinnamon decoration

Apple and Cinnamon Christmas decorations

dipping apple sliceApple and dip snack

apple rosemary jelly

Apple and Rosemary jelly

flower heart apple pies

Mini apple and custard pies

apple rings

Drying apple rings

apple muffin being eaten 2

Apple muffins

And last, but not least, I would not be without my trusty apple corer

apple peeler

It peels, slices and cores. Lots of time saved.

Country Kids

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