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Debs Random Writings

So you’re looking for St David’s Day Activities

Celebrating and crafting on St David's Day

St David’s Day is just round the corner. 1st March. Each year, I like to line up a new activity to help us celebrate our welsh heritage, along with the old family favourites.

welsh children's books

Tradition dictates daffodils and leeks, welsh cake and lamb stew, and not forgetting dragons, traditional attire and flags.

I’ve been musing over our previous projects, while I work on this year’s project. Here’s a list of a few that we’ve enjoyed.


WELSH CAKES are an absolute must. Based on my Grandmother’s recipe, although she measured the ingredients by eye, while I prefer scales.

welsh cakes


I’ve passed on the responsibility of welsh cakes to Middle Daughter, who is always the first to remind me that we should make them.cutting out welsh cakesMy Grandmother always had a tin of these cakes waiting for us to arrive. They always disappeared in a blink of the eye.


DRAGON COOKIES:st davids day childrens craft activity dragonLacking a dragon cookie cutter, we make these with a dinosaur and a moon cutter. The fun is in the decorating, or should that be in the eating? A fun way to act out the battle between the white and the red dragon.

Crafts to do as a family


shadow play wife dancing a

I always associate story telling with my Welsh side. Probably unfairly, as my English forebears had a tale or two to tell too. I think it’s the sing song rhythm of the welsh accent that lends so well to a yarn. One year, we cut out shadow puppets and retold Welsh folk tales, in the light of the fire place.


wearing the felt leek

In a bid not to wear a highly scented real leek, we made a few out of felt and added safety pins. These are very easy to make. And less pungent!

DAFFODILS TO MAKEpeg and felt daffodil

We had fun making these and it’s one of those activities that visiting children wanted to join in. I took this project into school as a craft activity, and they went down well there too.

peg and felt daffodils

I think it’s the smiling faces that make them irresistible.

FIREBREATHING DRAGONfire breathing dragon

Not sure we originally made these for St David’s day, but these dragons lasted so well, that they used to come out every year to breathe out a touch of fire in celebration.

This is another craft that I took into school. If a class of 4 to 5 year olds can make them, I’m pretty sure that older children can too. Not only are they fun to make, but the children can play with them afterwards. Breathing out flames.


welsh children's books front

We love sharing a tale and books are an excellent way to enjoy a story together. Here are a few of our favourite welsh stories.


dragon wings flapDressing up is a must on St David’s Day. In Wales, the children go to school in Welsh themed clothes. Even though we don’t live in Wales, there is no reason why we can’t dress up once school is out. I made dragon wings from an old duvet cover I found in a charity shop. The print was far better suited to dragon wings (and beanbags) than bedlinen.

needlefelt welsh dragon red 3On our seasons table, the needlefelted red dragon I made, keeps an eye on the felt daffodils and leeks. I’ve only recently clicked why dragons (and mice) are attributed in story books with the fondness of eating candles. Originally candles were made from tallow which is rendered animal fat. A nutritious and more tempting treat than our modern day candles, as far as dragons and mice are concerned.


dragon tshirt

Using a white tshirt, freezer paper and fabric paint, Youngest painted a dragon. This was a while ago. although the tshirt was a favourite and is still in his cupboard, it no longer fits. I don’t think he is ready to let go of his wearable masterpiece.mini daffodils      So on to this year’s project. Looking over the previous years, has given me fresh inspiration. Watch this space.

edited: Welsh peg doll idea for St David’s Day 2016

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