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Debs Random Writings

Organize and Recycle Craft

no sew desk organizer pen holders diyThis weekend, my Eldest needed a desk tidying solution for her pens and pencils. She likes to organize and rotate her stationery, so she only has the bits she is using on her desk, at any one time. The rest are at easy reach, but not cluttering the surfaces. She is surprising organized when it comes to her desk (still working on her room, ahem).

So I suggested a diy solution to help her organize her pens.

no sew desk organizerI gave her a few (cleaned) empty tins and pointed her in the direction of the (clean) odd sock collection. She found a few old favourites. Useless without their partners, and some with holes in.

This is an incredibly simple and inexpensive solution. Even better, it only uses recycled materials.

no sew desk organizer2She found it easiest to turn the sock inside out and put it inside the tin, then stretch the top of the sock over the outside of the tin.

no sew desk organizer pen holder bottom diy

no sew desk organizer pen holder diy

Result is a collection of fun looking pen holders, that she can change whenever the whim takes her. Or another fun odd sock turns up.

no sew desk organizer on desk pen holders diyI love the way she’s organized her desk. It’s no wonder that she is happy to sit down and study. I know I can’t pass her desk without wanting to sit down and pull out one of her books.

Adding this to my Becoming a greener me project. A good reminder for me to use the things we already have by upcycling, rather than heading to the shops.

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Sharing. Good idea.

7 Responses to Organize and Recycle Craft

  • Val says:

    Novel and clever ….nice idea!

    • Craft Mother says:

      And very, very simple. Wasn’t sure if it was too simple to share. So used to sharing projects that take hours to do, that this one seems somehow too short! 🙂 At least it shows how organized the Teen can be.

  • Cheryl I love this, such a simple idea and using all throw away items. I’ve used Duck Tape round cans before to do the same but never thought to use a sock. It looks so pretty I will have to have a go. How do you get the lovely tidy line at the bottom, is the ribbed end tucked under the syrup tin? Thank you so much for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

    • Craft Mother says:

      I’ll add another photo of the bottom of the tin. Eldest tucked the cuff of the sock under the tin. The sock needs to be long enough, but not too long. The sock is tight so it does stay in one place, But I guess it all depends on the sock being used. A bit of tape underneath would keep it straight, if needed.

  • That’s genius! They look great and so, so simple 🙂
    sustainablemum recently posted..In My KitchenMy Profile

    • Craft Mother says:

      It is simple. Added bonus that the sock saves having food reminders while you’re studying! 🙂 I’d be yearning for flapjacks if I had the tin of Golden Syrup sitting on my desk.

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