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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”



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  • Helena Loving these cauldrons. We've got some tissue paper so we may have a go too. #mmbc 20 Oct
  • Catherine Jones This post gave me quite a chuckle with the "universe" trying to tell you something. I have those days (weeks, years!). I have to say... 20 Oct
  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... I love this idea! So sweet to make a crafted garland. I like the idea of decorating the house like you would for Christmas #MMBC 19 Oct
  • Eileen I love the idea of a village church. Sounds like a community where everyone knows each other. Sorry to hear that these school starts are... 18 Oct
  • Eileen These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the "how to" with us. 18 Oct
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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings


Christmas light cakes – pinned it


There are two types of cake eaters. Those that munch the cake as a pre-qualifier to indulging in the sweet topping. Those that are drawn to the yummy look of the decorations, but then only eat the cake.

You only have to look at the remains of cake at the end of a children’s party to see what I mean. Not an adult party. They are far too polite and drilled about food waste. There is an unseen notice beside cake trays, but we all know it’s there. If you have no intention to eat the whole cake, leave it alone for others.

I think I know which type I am. Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

Eek! A mouse, at last. Kiss.

hershey kiss chocolate mouseFor years, I have seen images, around the internet, of edible mice treats made using Hershey Kisses and cherries. Even before Pinterest, I had the project bookmarked. Inspiring me to make a batch.

cherries and white chocolateExcept there was a problem. I couldn’t find the elusive Hershey Kisses. There didn’t seem to be an alternative. Not on this side of the Pond, and certainly not in sleepy Somerset. Without the all important Kiss, there really wasn’t much point making the mice. They were perfect for the head. Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

Festive Patchwork

Father Christmas Santa Patchwork picture

And now for some patchwork. Sneaking this in before the Twelfth night. I found the shape of Father Christmas in Pinterest, but sketched it out myself.

Christmas patchwork pictures

Experimented with my own Christmas tree. There was a star, but I don’t know what happened to it. Possibly find it among the tinsel when the decorations come down.

These were meant to be Christmas coasters, so I gave the tree a darker background than I really wanted to. Padded them both with crinkly, thermal wadding.

Christmas Tree Patchwork picture

Once I’d made them, I realised that putting a coffee cup on them would eventually lead to ruin. Images of dark rings on Father Christmas’s beard, were too much to handle. (quiver) And in any case, they work much better hanging on the wall. I backed them with gold tinted holly fabric and used it to bind the edges. Helps to lift the dark tree a bit. I hope.

The loops are made using the recycled ribbons, rescued from the crackers we pulled at my parent’s house, over the holidays. Just think, these lovely candy striped ribbons nearly ended up in the bin. Christmas Patchwork cushionOne more patchwork item. A festive patchwork cushion. Now gifted. It was hugely difficult to part with this one. Obviously need to make one for us too. The Father Christmas, in the middle, is so wonderfully whimsical.

Christmas Patchwork cushion backI used my very favourite, purple fabric to back the cushion. Always adds a touch of luxury and opulent to a cushion. Like crushed velvet, that isn’t.

Christmas patchwork pictures 2

So that’s it for another festive Christmas patchwork time. I do love the Christmas fabrics. My collection is growing, but now I need to break out the winter and spring fabrics. I have a few more ideas…..

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Sharing. Good idea.


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