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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Oh no, poor Blue! So sorry to hear this. I do hope that she has been recovering over the past week and is now back... 15 Mar
  • Susan Mann Aww what a sweet photo. That is lovely and such a fun capture xx 12 Mar
  • Kim Carberry Ohh! The new tumble dryer does sound good... Aww! Your poor dog. I hope she makes a full recovery soon. Sending love and hugs x... 12 Mar
  • Louisa I love his outfit, especially the beard and pipe, they are so clever. Do you know that as much as I love sewing, I hate... 12 Mar
  • Jade @ Captured By Jade So sorry to hear about, Blue - I'm sure he is being well looked after and home with you all soon (if not already). What... 12 Mar
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Day 3 of Snow

Day 3

Cabin fever broke out among the ranks today. Supplies are still holding up, but I made the mistake of mentioning that butter rationing may be implemented. This was enough to spur the only other driving licence holder to clear the drive in record breaking speed, jump into the car and disappear down our snow laden lane. Something about picking up running shorts as well.

He’s back now. Reports of quiet roads, and metre and a half snow drifts on the verges. Empty bread shelves (glad I can make my own). He did pick up running shorts too. I’m sure that will add valuable data to the shop’s sales figures for today: a zillion snow shovels, a lorry full of bad-weather footwear and …….. one pair of running shorts. I see heads being scratched. Continue reading


Yesterday morning, we stood watching out of the kitchen window. A goldcrest was working its way up and down the box hedge. Drawn closer to the house than I’ve ever seen this tiny bird, it was systematically, and with the air of urgency, checking every spider web it could find. There was a lull in the snow, but still bitterly cold.

I hope it found enough.

Like the rest of the UK, we’ve had it cold this week. Not as cold as some, and until yesterday, it was dry and windy only. We had time to check provisions. Rearranging and setting up so that everyone could work from home. It might snow, but life goes on and we have never had living in the sticks stop us for long.

It snowed pretty much all day, yesterday. A foot and a bit drifts. Our flat front garden isn’t flat any more, as Blue found out this morning. As I write, the rest of the family are digging out the drive, to avoid the ice rink we’ve had in previous years. One frozen pipe was sorted before it became a problem. Continue reading


Has it gone yet?


I can’t see it anymore. Must be.

Phew! At last.

Should be safe to venture out again. Now it’s slunk away. What a time. I’m talking about January. This year it somehow turned out to be particularly harsh, so I skipped it. Practically the whole month.

It helped that I could snuggle down into my burrow and work. So much to do that it dug into my evenings too and I could ignore the lack of light.

Flu took out two weeks by itself. Not just me. Most of the family too. I’ve never had flu before, so that was a surprise. The stories about not being able to get out of bed are true. Even if the Bank of England had fluttered every £20 note, in its possession, passed my window, I would have stayed put. At least I had time to read, sleep and lose weight. A novelty for me at this time of year.

I have been knitting. I have finished objects to show. Just need to time my models being home with the appearance of a blue sky. Not happened so far.

It’s Candlemas/ Groundhog day today. Imbolc yesterday. One of my favourite times of the year. Half way there. We’ll make cakes, light candles and celebrate. Continue reading

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